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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Showering April

Many years ago, a young family, "The Golds", moved here to the Yaak. Over time, they raised 5 girls up here, even home schooling them part of the time. The family worked for years running the volunteer ambulance service. They also have been a part of organizing the local food shelf, and operate it out of their own home. They've done so much for the community, I often times wondered what I could ever possibly do for them.
Here was my opportunity!! Their daughter, "April", was getting married and they asked if I would be the "Mistress of Ceremonies". Of course I would!! I also got to help hostess her bridal shower along with a couple of her sisters. It was an extra special day for an extra special girl. "April" is sweet as can be and a little shy. She met her fiance on eharmony a while back and they've decided on an early October day to tie the knot. We're all so excited for them!!

On a warm, sunny afternoon at the Community Center, a sister served pizza, salad and melon to twenty some special guests. After that, I had everybody do an ice breaker by all telling "their most romantic moment". There was a lot of laughing and smiles and even tears. Then we had a "bridal treasure hunt". I couldn't believe how fast the girls found their items!! Gift Opening was to follow. Then the winning treasure hunt team got to "dress the bride" in toilet paper!! I had a special surprise up my sleeve. The groom was supposed to show up after she was arrayed and tell her she was beautiful but he was late!! A sister drove off to find him. Another sister stalled and kept adding toilet paper layers...... By the time half an hour had passed I was beginning to sweat (and so was she in all her layers)!! Just as I had The Sock Fashion Expert cut the beautiful carrot cake with cream cheese and toasted coconut frosting she'd made, the groom arrived!! Everybody laughed and smiled as he gave her a big hug!! It was a fun bridal shower and certainly a day to remember!


Heather said...

It sounds like you made it so special! I would have loved to taste the carrot cake with toasted coconut! That SFE is fast surpassing us as an accomplished baker!

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

How sweet. You've had your fun with showers the past few weeks haven't you?
I hope you got the email for your $50 gift from CSN. Jamie sent me a copy of the email to you, and I saw that he'd put that the giveaway was on your blog instead of mine. He just made a mistake on the email, but you still won :-)

baili said...

wow it is really sweet post dear hope you enjoyed the opportunity very much thanks for sharing such great experience