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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Theme Park Pics

Here are some pics from our recent trip to a Theme Park. I wrote a long story about it but decided not to post it. Seems like I am scratching a lot of my work these days. Just one of those moods I've been in!! Heres some interesting information that I've been saving from my herbal studies I wanted to post though :

Thyme is utterly shocking! This mightly little leaf is packed with power! There is so much information on this, I simply could not compile it all, but if there is any one plant you should grow this is the one. In Ancient Roman times, it was believed to give courage. Roman soldiers bathed in it and women gave them sprigs to wear into battle. Consequently it is also believed to stop nightmares in children. Thyme, rich in thymol, is a powerful antiseptic, antibacterial, strong antioxidant, antifungal. In fact, one source I found said that listerine originated from thyme as well as it being used in surgical wool and dressings. It treats a gigantic gammit of problems including GI disorders of many kinds including irritable bowel, Respiritory tract disorders - upper respiratory, whooping cough, expectorant aid, Anti-cancer properties, Eye infections, skin infections, menstral complaints, immune system strengthener. Every site I visited echoed a common theme - it kills germs - bacterial and fungal, internal and topical. Studies even added it to raw food, such as salads and found it could make your food safer to eat!! Besides Thymol, it is rich in Vitamin K and maganese. Other uses included using thyme as an insect repellant and natural cleaning agent!! Just one tsp dried = 1 cup h2o for tea (or 1 tbsp fresh).

Due to all this research I decided to try it first hand. I had a persistent rash that I applied thyme leaves to. It almost INSTANTLY stopped itching and felt soothed. I tried some on my babies diaper rash and that also looked better in a short time. Wow am I convinced :-) I would not hesitate to try using it on other problems in the future.


Rosehips contain more vitamin C than a citrus fruit!! It was so high, in fact, that Great Britian harvested tons of them to use as a syrup C supplement for children when ships could not come in. Indians also harvested them. Besides making tea, they added the remaining pulp to stews. According to my research online, they also have vitamins A, D, E, Antioxidants, K, calcium, citric acid, iron, niacin, phospherus, tannin, B1,B2. A study was done on them for treatment of arthritis due to their anti-inflammatory properties in which patients required less pain medication after a few months. They are also found to help prevent bladder infections and prevent kidney stones, protect against cancer and cardiovascular heart disease. In fact, after reading many sites on rose hips I got tired of writing down all the possible health benefits. Sufficient to say, something so readily free and available growing wild all over with so many benefits, its a shame not to go pick and dry a few!! You only need 5 = 1 cup h2O to make tea.

*As with all plants and herbs please use them in moderation.


Becky said...

Great pics of you and the gang enjoying "summer" at the amusement park. ;-) Thanks for posting info on the herbs.

Eric and Hannah Avery said...

Wonderful pictures of the theme park!


from MN said...

Basil, when crushed and rubbed on your skin works as an insect repellent. I've tried that and it works great! Also, plantain, a prolific weed here, takes the itch out of bug bites when the leaf is bruised and rubbed on the bite. It also works for stinging nettles!

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

I love all the family photos from this post and the last one. Oh, to have a ladies Bible study creek side like that. I'm enjoying the herbal reminders too. We use some around here, but I know we could be more diligent.

Mama Bear... .. . said...

looks like alot fun with the family!