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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Showering Mist

Mist and her boss

Mists Mom - Mother in Law - Grandmother

She sure looks good for 7 months!!

Mist and Elasta Woman Winner of the "Don't Say Baby" game

"Goat Girl" and I

Today was Mists Baby Shower which Elasta Woman and I hosted. Her mom, mother in law and grandmother came from Washington to be a part of it making it extra special!! A wide variety of women turned out for the event representing most every group in our little community. Mist is greatly loved by all regardless of environmental, political or religious belief and her sweet disposition and transparent heart once again ushered in a common theme of Unity for us all.......

Some 30-40 guests packed their way into Elasta Womans home until there was standing room (or floor room) only. I arrived a couple of hours early marking the way there with balloons. Though I'd brought pile of supplies including food, punch, games and assorted details, I suffered one painfully obvious oversight...... After preparing for games, reviewing an itinerary with Elasta Woman and some prayer, guests began to arrive. Though I didn't start decorating until late, and though my decorating skills were painfully inept, nobody seemed to notice.

We played a game called "Super Mommy" where each person got 1 minute to hang baby laundry while talking on a decoy phone and holding a large "Baby" Doll. The person who could hang the most won. Cronin started off the game in a hilarious manner and ended up tying for first place with a mom of 6!!

After that we gathered around Mist and blessed her with a special prayer. Then Mist and her family were first to dish up from the incredible feast. It included a gourmet type pizza, rhubarb punch, a wide array of hors' doeuvres and decadent desserts including a lavish whipped cream and strawberry cake. That's when my terrible oversight surfaced!! Silverware!! I didn't even remember until the line began and somebody asked "where's the silverware"? Then the sinking feeling came and I feared the worst, though nobody made a big deal about it at all. Everybody some how made due with what Elasta Woman had on hand.

Finally, Mist opened presents for what seemed like an eternity. Not only was there a gigantic turn out, but many people had sent presents along with other guests. She started out not having a lot for her baby and ended with so many beautiful gifts that her house will overflow with them for a long time to come. Not only did she receive beautiful clothing, hand crafted blankets and an incredible array of baby gear, but somebody else was center stage in blessing her. One of the ladies from our church offered a special gift drawing for anybody who would bring along an extra pack of diapers, and boy did the diapers march in!!

One thing I have a hard time with is focusing on one person when there is a such a big crowd of people, especially when I'm the one making things move along in events. I'm still not sure how to focus like that but one thing I did do. I decided that that I was going to stop and enjoy the day busy or not. During the game, I stopped to hold Moonbeam and enjoy her. During the gift opening I stopped to visit with a few people. During the "good byes", I stood up on the balcony and just enjoyed watching everybody interact. Finally, when it was all over, I sat down with a cup of coffee and visited with Elasta Woman, reminiscing. Just taking a few minutes, even a few seconds made the busy day more memorable and enjoyable for me. All in all it was an extra special day for an extra special friend :-)



It looks like you Mist and the girls had a grand time :-)

Heather said...

The way you described it I almost feel like I'm there, and get it on all the happy feelings! Mist sure looks great for 7 months, and she just glows.

You have such a special group of friends!

baili said...

wow thank you soooooo much for such wonderful sharing i just loved the pics and enjoyed being part of you great party god bless you