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Friday, January 30, 2009

Working Mom Blues and The Case of the Bad Bear Biasco

Kevin had roses sent to work as a surprise for me. It was soooo sweet! Moonbeam does not want to comment to the press about having her father and siblings care for her during the day.

Well, I would have said "fiasco" but the "b" went in there better.............. you know

Anyway, it had been more than a month since I worked. I was beginning to get nervous at the dwindling funds. My husband reminded me that God always provides. Then it happened... at the beginning of bible study, the hospital called. I was happy to hear they wanted some one for the next day. I said "yes". They were shocked. Then I found out why. It was....gulp....a day shift. I had had a very busy day trying to get my house in order for the evening. That involves braving the children's (or public) bathroom. Making sure that there is no soiled toilet paper sitting in wads of trash over flowing. Cleaning out the sink and places on the wall and mirror where toothpaste has haphazardly sprayed. Taking out the stinking bathroom rugs that always smell like little boy pee pee. It's a tough job and even though we have bible study every week, and even though the kids rotate weekly on bathroom cleaning duties, it's never suitable for guests until I have seen it.
I also had bear steaks marinading, ready for a quick run through old George Foreman. I started them a day or two before. I was disgusted that the bag broke and leaked all over the refrigerator. I had to put them into another dish and cleaned up the mess. Then after all that, I was only to discover that they weren't steaks after all. It was a roast!!! Well I started cooking it as soon as I discovered it. The problem was it didn't give me enough time. About an hour before bible study I abandoned the project, took it out of the oven and made a fast grouse casserole. Unbeknown to me, my husband thought it was part of the meal. He ate some - yuck! I did not discover this until much later. I was hurriedly cleaning (you know that have to have everything perfect complex).
Well when work called unexpectedly, I couldn't just cancel the Bible Study. Our friends were already there. We had a great time and after they were gone, I was running on 4 hours sleep prior to the first shift. Then I found out they needed me again the next day. Work for me is an all day endeavor. I got up at 4 am, I start work at 5:45am, don't get off until 6:15pm, don't get home until 8:30 pm if I'm lucky and there's no overtime involved. I had no time to cook. I shoved the bear in the refrigerator and forgot about him....lurking....in there.
When I got done with the first day I discovered my hungry abandoned family had eaten much of the poorly cooked roast...... I feel so guilty!!! You're never supposed to eat bear unless its fully cooked because it can have the same worm as pig do. Oh dear oh dear....moan moan.
To make matters first, the bear was revisited. I tried making its remainder into enchiladas after cooking it in strips. It was tough and yucky. I think it may be trying to take vengence upon me for not properly giving it the attention it deserved. I can almost hear it calling me now, from the garbage can. This is what it's saying "oooooooohhhh oooohhhhhh!"
I was happy, though, that flowers were delivered to me at work. What a sweet thing to do! On my birthday, my family had a party for me. After I got back from shopping I was pleased to discover my daughter had walked to the neighbors to borrow eggs for a strawberry shortcake. She even made mine without sugar so I could eat it. Kevin said he was sorry he hadn't been to town and didn't have anything for me. I was in such a good mood I told him that being married to him was gift enough for me (10 years ago I would have cried myself to sleep). Wow! This was so sweet :-)

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Heather said...

Oh, my, your life is always such an adventure! I loved how you whipped up a "quick grouse casserole"! I can honestly say I don't know anyone else that has that skill!