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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Week One of Sugar Fast Completed

Well I'm at the end of my first week of sugar fasting. My mom is at the end of her first week as well. Around the third or fourth day I got kind of irritable and fuzzy. Other than that, it really hasn't been bad. Of course I have been at home all week and haven't had too many temptations. I've lost a good solid 2lbs or more. Also I have lost a few inches as well. The pants I bought on my MN trip are falling off of me in a most unbecoming way. I am also starting to feel more energy. Enough about me. My mom said she noticed that she has a strong sense of "well being". I am so glad about this. Tomorrow is my birthday. Some friends and I are going out shopping for the day. That will most likely be a little more challenging.

I think this has got to be the most boring post ever. I'm going to post it any way for the sake of keeping track. I've enjoyed a lot of good out door time this week.

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Heather said...

Great progress! Good for you!