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Sunday, December 6, 2009

B-E-A-R !!!!!

Deep in the heart of the forest lies a sleeping bear nestled down into a shallow den in the snow. Quite possibly, he lies in a fitful sleep, wary of his run in with 3 certain boys yesterday...........

I had planned a shopping trip to a nearby city with my friend "Dolphin Goddess" for weeks. As the day approached, I set everything I thought I might need aside to make the trip go well - a portable umbrella stroller, diaper bag, water bottle, etc.. Before the sun ever crawled out of His resting place, I was up and making ready. Before I ever left the house, a strange feeling washed over me. I went and checked on each one of the kids and gave them a kiss on the cheek while they slept. Even as I drove away with Moonbeam in tow, I prayed a quick prayer of protection, such as I normally do. No sooner did I get to the bottom of the driveway, but I heard "meow". I was pretty sure Moonbeam had not yet learned that sound and I stopped to throw the cat back out into the new fallen snow. As I drove along the deserted stretch of road to my friend's house, animal tracks could be seen in a plentiful supply.
Soon we were on our way together having a grand old time! My friend, Dolphin Goddess, had made us breakfast burritos for the road. We sipped our coffee, ate our breakfast and drove leisurely to town. Some time, as we were driving along, my three boys were making their way out of their beds and formulating a plan for a grand adventure hike deep into the forest. As the boys were formulating their plans, a bear deep in the forest had just begun hibernation for the winter. He slept, undisturbed in a hollow, never suspecting someone would be blogging about him today.
Over the course of the day, Dolphin Goddess, Moonbeam and I had such fun shopping! We went all over the city. We tried on clothes at a second hand store, shopped till we about dropped at Wal mart and ate an incredible meal. When she stopped to run an errand at the post office, I phoned home to check on the kids. Sock Fashion Expert told me the three boys were out together "breaking trail".
Deep in the heart of the forest, three boys trudged onward in search of adventure. Maybe they were "breaking a trail". Maybe they were just getting in a nice hike. After a week of school and chores, the younger two were probably ready for some exercise, fresh air and freedom. As they continued on into the forest, one spotted a hole. He pointed it out to the others, and boys being boys, decided to check it out. As they approached the hole, they started saying things like "Cool! Check this out! That's the biggest badger hole I ever saw!" "Bear!" "No Badger!" "No bear!" No Badger!" As they bantered back and forth, the littlest of the boys, 7 year old Catman, meandered closer and closer to get a better look. As Super Catman peered into the hole, he saw a snout emerge. The older two boys heard a mournful howl or maybe a growl. Whatever the sound, they would make many attempts to parrot it now and most certainly will for many years to come. After the mournful howling growl, Super Catman, closest to the hole, attempted to back up along with his brothers. As the boys hastily backed up, Super Catman tripped and began sliding toward the hole. The Archer grabbed him and pulled him back. Out shot a little black bear not even an arms length away! The little bear, awakened from his sleep and traumatized, took off running like crazy leaving the boys shocked and with quite a story to tell!
As Dolphin Goddess and I were driving through Starbucks for a pumpkin spiced latte, getting ready to head home, my boys were galloping home with their tale of high adventure! Long after I have worn out the clothes I bought, long after my new holiday decorations lose their glitter, and presents have been opened and used up, my three boys will most likely be retelling the story of their day to their children and to their grand children.

Pictured above : Getting our Christmas Tree


"Indescribable" said...

awwww, too bad they didn't have a camera.....

Great story for them to retell over and over again! Such fun in the wilderness!

Anonymous said...

That's a great story - boys are just so curious!

Foodie Girl said...

Scary! I totally would have cried.

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

What adventures your kids have. I'm sure my twins would've loved to be there with them, not that they would've known what to do.

baili said...

hi dear thanks for sharing as beautiful moments with us i often found my self with you, i am fan the way you write thanks and thanks for dropping by .take care god bless you

Prairie Chick said...

seriously woman, LOL... you guys do beat all. I hadn't even read this post before I gave you an award over at my blog, but with any post, you always merit it. :)