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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Holiday Gluttony - Drowning In Lard

Just a few short days before Christmas we did our "last min present shopping trip" to the big city. That morning when I woke up, I didn't feel like putting on my jeans. There is a good reason for that. They're a wee bit snug these days. The holiday goodies had taken their toll on my hips. The scale confirmed my worst suspicions! I had gained 10 lbs since the summer. I took out an old pair of pink yoga pants (with a small hole) and put them on. Then I found the only thing that matched was a stained up pink t-shirt. I looked in the mirror. It was comfortable I reasoned. "You're wearing that?!" my husband asked surprised. Really, he didn't mind. He was just surprised. He announced we'd be driving Roweena (the car with an odd colored door, multiple serious cosmetic flaws, no radio or player of any kind, the back doesn't open up, etc, etc.. We joked about how we would look pulling up at the dollar store. I began to feel guilty. So I was comfortable, but at what price? My daughter was excited about shopping. She was dressed up cute. I didn't want her embarrassed. Eventually I returned to my room without anybody saying anything and put on more appropriate attire promising myself that after the 25th I would start exercising more and eating better.
Since we were on a limited budget, we decided to eat at Arbys. Mmm.... I loved the roast beef and cheese. Then I immediately felt the fat gravitating toward my hips. I unzipped my jeans. My husband noticed. "Unzipping your jeans, eh?". I ignored him, disgusted with myself. He dropped us off at a store. The first thing I saw was a lady with a rather wide caboose. I forced myself to focus on that wide caboose telling myself "see, too many Arbys roast beef and cheeses and you will look like that!" It didn't seem to do much good. Not long after that Costco samples were everywhere. Hot Cocoa here, aged cheddar there. Quiche, poppers, butter pastries and dark chocolate all scandiously flaunted themselves as samples in front of me! I popped sample after sample. Then I wanted to go back and get more samples. My husband reminded me of a sermon we had just listened to about mooches. This was quite disheartening, especially since he had already shared his dark chocolate sample with me. I guess you could say, I've fallen off the wagon again!!
I did get out for a nice long walk today which I was happy about. I knew that it wasn't going to be pretty when I got to work. Truffles, fine chocolates, fancy cookies and lovely arrays of high fat rich sugary evils call my name from the nurses report room. I packed a nice salad, but of course, who feels like eating a salad when so many goodies are there in plain sight? This is not at all cheery thinking. I must end this post on a happier note.
I am looking forward to skiing, hiking and snowshoeing this month. I'm planning to force myself outdoors whatever the weather every day. I'm also going to catch up on our dance classes that my daughter and I are behind in. Good - no - Great things are ahead. Gosh, come to think of it, I'm also weighing in for a weight loss competition at work. Hooray, won't be long till those pounds are melting off!! (Do I have anybody out there convinced yet?) Hmm.... maybe I'll even put one of those turtle weight loss things on my blog. Momentum, mojo, uhhhh.... anybody got any advice for avoiding those evils in the report room? Anybody out there?!?! Do you hear the "Jaws" theme music? If not, try. Then throw out a life line!! I'm drowning in Lard!! I think I'm going down for the third time................................................................. big butts are laughing fiendishly while love handles wage a full scale assault..................................S.O.S.
Above photo : Sock Fashion Expert jokingly strikes a pose while trying on a hat she thinks is ugly. I hear my mothers voice speaking as I warn her to watch out for lice. Moonbeam is not impressed.


Anonymous said...

I have no advice- helpful, huh!!!

baili said...

hello dear,i think it is okey to feel free in eating choices for a while if we think that we can fix it latter,regular dancing for fifteen minutes dally is the best exercise,you look so beautiful.thank you very much for sharing your life with me life has strange puzzles for all of us moving on with strong faith and positive thinking is a victory have a lovely life and lovely warm christmas god bless you take care

toytrkman said...

Actually, what I said when you were loosening you pants was, "Getting a little big for your britches huh?" Sometimes I'm just too funny.

Becky said...

((Hugs)) I am so sorry the pants are tight. Sigh. I remember that feeling. It is easy to sink into the pits and you have to fight your way out of it. Tell the Lord about it. Try to bear up against temptation - No eating samples. (tough I know) ;-) Just tell yourself you don't need it. The holidays are a hard time to cut back, but you can try by taking the smallest piece and being content. Remember to take a small plate not the large one. Little steps. Then when the holidays are over, soup and salad, smaller portions, exercise, etc. I hope something I've said inspires you.

"Indescribable" said...

Hey - I heard there was a coffee mug that says "Christmas Calories don't count!" I went to purchase that and they were all out.... I want to know.... do Christmas calories count or what!?
Happy Joyful & Merry Christmas!

Friend of the Bear said...

Hi. I don't think I could cope with a partner who made such comments on my weight. Maybe he should consider your feelings more and act to boost your confidence, not try to make you feel bad about yourself. It actually makes me quite upset when I hear of partners behaving like this.

Christmas Day and Boxing day are traditional feasting days (that is the origin of this holiday before Christians adopted it) so I don't think anyone should worry what they eat those days. Life will be back to normal very soon and so will your healthy eating aspirations.

Best wishes,
Bearfriend xx

toytrkman said...

Friend of the Bear, I'm sorry to say but I think you misunderstood a bit of humor between my wife and I. My wife is quite confident and indeed needs to be with all she does. I happen to be very proud of her and certainly wouldn't want to have to find somebody else. Nobody else could be the woman she is. And besides all that, my health depends on me not being too rude, she is usually armed you know. ;-}

Heather said...

Good point, Toytrkman (about your wife being armed). :)