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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Jumping on the "Everybodies Doing It" BandWagon!

OK, so not "everybody" is doing it, but Foodie Girl and CMoursler are. Close Enough! I'm gonna "jump on" since just a few posts away I was "drowning in lard"!! Here are my 10 Challenges (some copied ideas from the girls) :
1. Some form of exercise 6 days a week.
2. Sit ups 5x a week. This is for sure the spookiest of all goals because I can never seem to find time to do that!
3. Instill some healthy idea in my kids daily! For instance "wouldn't you like a carrot stick honey?" Moms are so terrible!
4. OK, OK, a before and after pic (ugh)!
5. Drink more water. Minimum of 3 glasses, but hopefully more!! Mandatory Fruit and Veggies Daily!!
6. Burn calories rather than binge them under stress!! This may be harder than the sit up challenge!
7. Do something with my hair before the 10 weeks is up.
8. I'm signing up for the "Biggest Loser" challenge at work. Wow, the pressure is on!!!
9. Once a week workout with my workout Buddie.
10. Try on clothes when I'm out shopping and maybe even force myself to buy something once in a while.
*Oh and Ugh!! I put up a weight loss ticker. Again, I am copying these girls. It is just a little bit frustrating, because I should be at 10 more pounds of weight loss! Yes, I have to re lose 10 pounds :-( Wahh! Who wants to re lose?! Totally been there. Well, better than re losing 20 I guess. Anyway, my ticker reluctantly up. The New Year is upon me and the pressure is on!


Delcie said...

Hello. I'm just commenting you back. Yes, I love living in Alaska, it's the only place I would live. Yes, it does get warm, this year the weather has been weird, but yeah, it's a lovely place. By the way, you have a nice blog. :)

cmoursler said...

There is no should be, only what is...here's a cliche for you...these are things I say to myself when the negative voices start talking...
Yesterday is gone...Tomorrow's not here yet, today is all I can control.
work on today...or better yet..the next 60 minutes. Before I had days under my belt, I had to work on the hours...before you know it, it adds up.
Good goals. Here is to the new year.

Foodie Girl said...

Yay! I love bandwagons! I also like covered wagons like back in the day - Little House on the Prairie style... okay off subject.

Great goals! I am looking forward to seeing all of us complete this together! WooHoo!

Friend of the Bear said...

Hi. Sit ups are so difficult to get into. Have you tried the plank? Easier to start off and has greater effect as well esp good for lower stomach area which sit ups don't help.

I think your hair looks gorgeous. Mine is in desperate need of help ...

Good Luck!

Bearfriend xx

South Beach Steve said...

What a great list of goals for The Perfect 10! I agree with friend of the bear too, planks are the way to go!