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Monday, June 28, 2010

Back Packing Euphoria Humor and Aftermath

Art Dog - Too many good titles to pick just one!!

"Don't tell anybody but I love my dog like a kid!!"
Super Catman "Chicks Dig Me"

Moonbeam "I'm grumpy now and just wait till 3:30 Am"

Elasta Woman's daughter took this pic. Do you notice anything missing?

Deep Thoughts "Hmmm...... You distract them and I'll steal the marshmallows"

Truth be told : Not even my closest friends like to be down wind of my feet

Super Catman sitting on the couch........zzzzzz....

Strangely, there was no arguing when we got home from the trip................

Back Packing is a great way to achieve a peaceful household.

Even if they wanted to watch TV, they can't.

When I returned home, sinister things had taken place. My mom, not knowing where we were, called all over trying to find out what happened to us. I never told her we were going, partly i didn't want her to worry. Uh, that goal wasn't achieved. I began getting messages and calls from concerned friends who had heard from my mom. Our answering machine quit working and it was as if we'd dropped off the face of the earth. Add to that some one mysteriously deleted my blog!! I had to go through a recovery process to get it back. My sister had called saying she was near tears because my blog was gone!!
Did we vanish? Or was it some kind of conspiracy? Even work hasn't called for weeks. There may be something in the air too - nobody seems to have a lot of mental function as you can see from the pics!! If you are out there - please tell me what has happened to us. The house is alarmingly quiet and we are all moving rather slow. Is this a government conspiracy or could it be extra terrestrial interference?


LibbyLibbyLibbyLibbyLibby said...

GREAT pics, love the captions!
Very mysterious about your blog being deleted... wow. I deleted my own blog one time...you have to literally go and do that...its not easy...

Caroline said...

No- you can't disappear!!! Glad you're back though and I enjoyed reading about your adventure.

Mr. Stupid said...

Your blog got deleted? Oh my. Glad its back. I can see how scared your Mom and your sister might have been. Great pictures with cute captions.

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

Sorry to hear about you losing your blog, but I'm so glad you got it back. I loved all the photos of the trip, and these photos of the sacked out kids, well those tell the story so well :-) I know they had a great time.

Mamma has spoken said...

Looks like a wonderful time was had by all!
Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'll come by and visit you again.

RoseBelle said...

How long were you gone?? Poor mommy! I hope her heart rate is back to normal. That's really spooky that your blog got deleted. Did you find out why from Google? I don't know what's worse, to get your blog deleted or defaced. I read from another blogger that her blog was hacked into and defaced.

Well, glad all is well and everyone is home safe from the trip.