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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Adventures I Have Known

My Night In Shining Armour Shows Up To Clear The Way So I Could Get To Work

Sock Fashion Expert Worked Hard for this Non Typical Buck

i have had a lot of adventures lately. In fact, I'm getting backed up on sharing them. Tonight, its supposed to get to 20 below zero - record breaking coldness for this time of the year, and my men are out in the blackness up a mountain somewhere packing out Archers buck - ugh!!

Just getting to work the other day was a crazy adventure! The electricity was out probably due to the heavy snows. Its been out 5 or 6 times this week! I had to ready with a flashlight and an oil lantern. After my husband drove me down the drive way, I kissed him good bye and hoped for the best. Not far down the road I started seeing trees, heavy with snow drooping over the road. Then, all of a sudden a big bushy one was right in front of me and I couldn't stop! Breaks down, sliding forward I braced myself "Bamn!" went the truck with pine needles everywhere! I opened my eyes when I realized the truck was still moving. Some how I'd busted through it. It was almost as if I disappeared and reappeared on the other side. After taking some breaths and reasoning with myself, I had a look. A giant branch was protruding out of the deer guard. I pulled it free, hoping it hadn't punctured the radiator.

I drove over and under tree after tree until the ominous sign appeared. It was another big one across the road. I stopped this time and got out. It wouldn't budge. I shivered in the darkness. I would have to turn around.

The only house in the area was an elderly couple who have lived here forever. Well, that's almost true. The 80+ year old woodsman was born on his property and never left it except to fight in a war. It was home steaded by his father who was killed when he was mere boy. In a matter of minutes, I'd pulled into their drive and was banging on the door hoping he wouldn't meet me with a shot gun in hand. Relieved, I noticed he'd left it on the couch when he saw it was me. He let me in to use the phone. His wife pulled me into the kitchen near the stove, though it was more her feisty character that warmed me than anything else. Torn between my desire to hear her stories of yesteryear and knowing I was going to be late for work, I politely left and made my way back to the road to meet my husband who was coming with a chain saw. He was not impressed with the tree I'd smashed through nor with my camera for that matter and ordered it away. Almost effortlessly, with his powerful, muscular arms, he wielded the heavy chain saw. Within seconds he'd cut sections into the tree and was pulling it away. He didn't appear to be in a mood to be trifled with and I hurriedly got into my truck, thankful for his successful rescue mission. After the hour and a half drive there, and 12 hours at work, I made my way back up the same stretch of road only to notice that the power every where up there was out again.......
The day before the heavy snows came, I decided I had better get out for one last good run. As I headed down the familiar stretch of road to do my 4 mile trek, I saw something cross the road in front of me. It was a monster 4x4 white tail! I looked at him. He stared back at me menacingly and crossed the road again. He wasn't acting afraid. I knew he must be in the rut. Keeping my hand close to my pistol, I jogged by hoping he wouldn't charge me. He kept his head down, watching me as I passed. I could feel his challenge and didn't want to provoke him. After I'd gotten by him, I breathed a sigh of relief. It was a short lived breath because I suddenly heard a car. "Why didn't you at least yell at him?!" I started nagging myself. Road hunters seem to be every where and I knew they wouldn't pass this beast up. I heard the car slowing. I knew his immanent demise couldn't be avoided. Now I had to make speed. He'd crossed the road twice already and there was no telling which direction the hunters would be shooting in. I'd seen all too many reckless hunters in my day and I knew better than to think I was safe. I ran hard willing myself on. I heard a noise. I kept running hard. Then, when I was beginning to wonder how much distance I'd gained, I heard a shot ringing out. Relief and sorrow hit me all at once.
Its not that I'm against hunting. If you've ever read my blog, you know that's how we live. Its more the inconsiderate, who come here, without respect for man or beast that I struggle with. Its the men who shot toward me year before last when I was driving on a parallel road. Their gun, pointed out the window toward a herd of deer crossing in front of the car I was driving. Its the hunters who left gut piles and bowel moments all over the road I live on. Its the men on 4 wheelers who broke down forest service gates this fall and littered beer bottles all over the trail. Its the inconsiderate who left a doe to rot last year. As a matter of fact, they leave deer to rot here EVERY YEAR. Then grizzlies come down to feed on what should have been harvested or left to live and endanger us. Its all of that that frustrates me.
After hitting my turn around point, I began running back, wondering how I should act toward the road hunters. It didn't take long to discover that they were gutting the white tail a few feet from a neighbors drive way and on his property as well. I reminded myself that its not wise to oppose strange men with guns. As I ran up, they tried to make some idle conversation. The older one proudly told me it was the younger ones first buck. I tried to act friendly. After a short conversation, I continued on quickly. Then I ran hard, wondering what I should do. I don't think the Washington men meant any harm. We all are glad for our meat supply. We're all proud when we get a good one. It was pointless to tell him he was gutting on private land. I had a hunch he would figure it out. I ran home, eventually deciding, like I usually do that there is no point in calling the game warden. Why be a jerk? Grace is always a good thing to give others because there are many times that I am on the receiving end. As long as I make it home safely, it was an Adventure right? Consequently, I did get some good sprints in.


Heather said...

Adventures, adventures! Glad you made it to work & home safely. I had my own little bump yesterday because of the snowy weather, but everybody's ok.

Love ya!

Momma Bug said...

Well your Wintery stories outdo mine.
Although... I DO have 6 children, no husband available at present to rescue me, and frozen water pipes.
And an outhouse.
That's pretty adventurous for someone who's never really lived in the snow!
I'm really thankful I can be hunkered into a warm cozy home.
So does it reach -20 at other times of the Winter? or is that an extreme low regardless of the month?

Becky said...

Wow, what a story, I was glued! I can understand your frustration and then the part about having grace. Wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving and hoping the power stays on.

Heather said...

Happy Thanksgiving! It's too early to call, and we will be on the road soon, so I'm just sending along a quick comment.

Love to all!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

What an adventure just to get to work! Great pictures!

baili said...

you are really blessed to have such wonderful life dear ,new tasks every day and no boredom at all ,thanks for such lovely sharing
take great care

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

You just amaze me! I love reading about your adventures. I can't imagine living them, but you write them so that I almost feel like I'm there!