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Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Long Winter Ahead

Thanksgiving Afternoon, We took a winter walk before I was off to work

Super Catman Gallantly Volunteered to Pull Moonbeam

By The End She Was Tuckered

The Next Day, We Went Out To Find Our Tree. My Wonderful Husband with The Saw.....

I've been in denial about dreary realization that winter has hit full force and there is no end in sight. One to two feet of snow came fast and COVERED the land. Trees are bending low all over, telling tale to the fact that they've been taken captive to its weight. Today I stepped out to shovel the stairs and within a few hours, the roof let loose and covered the steps all over again. There is just no end to the white stuff.
In an attempt to cope with it, I've been getting outside on a lot of adventures with the kids. Today, Super Catman and I followed a blood trail by snow shoes for quite some time which we came across on an old logging road. It ended up in the neighbors yard and I am quite sure they were dragging a deer by sled from the back forest. It was a fun adventure anyway, though not all that exciting to end up next store in the end.
Today is the last day of hunting season, and the men have been out since dark this morning. It is now, again dark. They wanted to try and fill those last few elk tags. Cinnamon raisin bread is baking in the oven, and pitas are waiting their turn thereafter. Hopefully, I will have a lot of warm, delicious food awaiting their return. I'm sure they will be hungry. The Sock Fashion Expert has been working on various Christmas projects all day. Super Catman played outside for a long time and now he's hunkering down to some video games. It looks like a long winter ahead.


toytrkman said...

And a fun one!

Anonymous said...

So our cold snap made it over your way!!! Only thing is when you get it, it's for the long haul, for us, it's just a little blip- Do enjoy all that winter brings!!

Paula Rodriguez said...

Great smiles and looks like you all are enjoying the outdoors so much even the COLD, COLD snow.


baili said...

i been in love with winter for log time but now i feel it makes my legs so freezy and i just want to sit in warm sofa with hot drink in my hand but i hate to feel as lazy all the time ,i can feel the cold of ur snow from here dear
take great care

Mama Bear... .. . said...

So I had to come by and see if snow had fallen yet....yep! Looks beautiful! Happy to see you had a lovely Thanksgiving!

Heather said...

Love the pics!

We don't have anything as exciting as a blood trail to follow when we snowshoe, but Kardelen does like leading us around on "adventures," and last week she even discovered a baby pine tree. :)


Yikes! After looking at those cold snow pictures I need to go get a cup of hot coffee :-)