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Thursday, November 11, 2010

This Year's Hunting Story

i have been on countless adventures in the past week since i've written, though many of which i am not at liberty to disclose. Sufficient to say, I have found my share of them. Its been another one of those weeks that, as usual, i've been given 3x as many things to do as I have time to accomplish. One of which involves Advanced Cardiac Life Support Classes tomorrow. I decided that I would take a break from studying and set my mind free with a little blogging.
We had a guest here for a few days in a liberating process. That took a share of my energies as well, though I wouldn't have changed it for the world. This morning, before the person left, we gathered around and prayed for Gods plan and for freedom. May God hold the person in the palm of His hands and may His angels remain charge of destiny.
I slipped out yesterday long enough for a refreshing 4 mile run and also for a hunt with The Archer. He, The Archer, was rather persistent. At 6:30 or 7am he poked his head in my bedroom door reminding me that I needed to get my deer. This was not his first morning invitation and I knew I couldn't pass up another. With the Archer on my case, I'd have no peace until a buck was hanging. I slipped on the silliest looking odds and ends of clean warm clothing and frowned at the growing piles of dirty laundry. After reading a "Sparkling Gem" to the kids, making some unsightly breakfast, I moped out the door to the truck.
Archer thought that I should drive around in the warmth of the truck with an eye for road side bucks, but I figured I should do it the old fashioned hard work way. Just kidding, it was the other way around ;-) So, as I was saying, we hiked, and hiked, and hiked. Finally, we arrived at a satisfactory spot of Archers choice and he set up a "rest" for my borrowed rifle. After that he commenced to "rattling" a couple of dead deer horns together, stomping his feet and pretending to be a buck in "the rut". This was all rather amusing, but the most amusing thing was when I noticed that my gun was sitting on the rest upside down. I stifled a laugh and flipped it up. After that, I just sat in the cold shifting position as motionless and soundless as I could. Suddenly, The Archer said "its time to be moving". As we got up, we shortly saw a doe we had rattled in. With his scope on 6x, it was revealed to be a tiny tiny spike. Overjoyed, he wanted me to take the shot. Just kidding, I was tempted, but Archer wanted me to hold out for a bigger buck. As it happens to be, some of the local women recently shot 1x2s and 2x2s. Because of this, the men of my family determined I must shoot something bigger.
After walking slowly and stealthily, like a native, in his very tracks for near unto eternity, he made his special deer sign. Noiselessly, we dropped to the ground and began crawling and scooting. He had me scoot from tree to tree, careful not to crack a single stick. Several times, he pointed out an unseen buck. Finally, after having me create a rest using my arm, balanced on the side of a tree, he again pointed out a couple of bucks ambling by. He said "wait till it stops". I studied a 3x3 through my scope as he walked along, aiming at his lungs. Archer blew a grunt call and the buck momentarily paused. At the same time, I fired off a shot which nailed both lungs instantaneously. The buck instantly dropped right where he stood. Archer seemed pleased. The other buck, a smaller one, stood around watching. I feared he might charge us, but after several minutes, he exited in a disgruntled manner. Sure enough, down there, in the clearing, was my buck dead as dead could be. I HATE killing things, but if I need to, for food, that's the best way. I was happy. Archer gallantly offered to let me "gut" him, and politely, I refused. After a long hike back to the vehicle and then back to the deer, I was SHOCKED when Archer threw the buck over his shoulders and carried it out of the woods. I guess he's really a man's man. Blood dripping down off him, immense weight shouldered, the kid smiles proudly as he makes his way the mile back out of the woods. I thought to myself, well, this really isn't my thing, but if my 19 year old wants to take me out to do anything I should count it as doing well :-)
Much busyness seems to plague me, but I continue to find refuge in my hot tub and at the computer. To read about my latest fitness and eating exploits see my other blog :

Until next time, may you find freedom, peace and joy in your life, but most of all The Liberator.


toytrkman said...

Seems to me, after you shot your very first deer years ago, you immediately said, "Can I do it again!"

baili said...

wow you are living a life of dream dear ,it is so exciting to have such great adventure like this

take care

Heather said...

Congrats! What a strong man your Archer is. :)

Wish I could go running with you today!

Becky said...

Wow, all this hunting! I am totally green to it having lived in the city so much of my life. Actually, I was born in central California where all the farms are. No one talked about hunting there. We later moved to San Diego where I became a body surfer and then we moved to Los Angeles and then Orange County. Now here in Colorado I hear about hunting and people make elk jerky, deer sausage, etc. I saw the post about your son Archer and his elk. I feel sort of sad for that elk, he looks so majestic, but what an incredible score on Archer's part. That is so impressive! BTW congrats on your deer!