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Friday, November 19, 2010

Elephants and Gizzards

Believe it or not, she was a grump the other day since we walked right before nap time. As you can see, we all took a turn with her :-)

"You may not have a pet elephant" my husband said bringing me out of my morning haze. I rolled over "What are you talking about?!" I asked sleepily. "Well", and he proceeded to tell me that he dreamed I had insisted on keeping a pet elephant. Just like the cat I brought home, it too, discovered it was fun to come in the house. At first, it couldn't get into the basement, but then it started breaking down the door. He hit it on the trunk with a stick and it moped off to pout. Then he wondered if it wouldn't like him when it got bigger for the discipline. He could see a lot of trouble with my new pet coming down the line.
You may think that that is a bizarre dream, but being married to an "I Love Lucy" type who always seems to get herself into some kind of trouble, the elephant dream really wasn't all that unusual. I have, after all, been asking for a dog for the past several years.
I rolled over again, this time moaning. I still had a headache. I was wet with sweat from my fever and a wave of nausea passed over. I began to wonder if I was going to have to cancel my "Hot Tub Party Accountability Group" today. After thinking about Mist, due to have her baby any day, I knew exposing her to this vile germ wasn't worth the fun. After another hour or so, I drug myself out of bed to make the cancellation calls. I was bummed.
I reasoned with myself that it was better to not be selfish in this case. I wanted my friends over, but not at the expense of every body's health, especially Mists. Still I pouted. Not long after that the power went out. It was out for hours. Probably all the heavy snows we've been having did something. "The hot tub wouldn't have done us much good today anyway" I reasoned. I laid around reading "Westward The Tide" by Louis L'Amour. If I couldn't have my friends over and I was FORCING myself to rest, I might as well have a mental diversion.
Super Catman asked me when we would see rocks again. I looked up from my book "probably March or April unless we some how go to Hawaii". "Why?" I asked him. "Well", he proceeded "the dentist told me not to use this tooth any more so he gave me a gizzard". I paused for a moment, digesting the information. Then I went back to my book.


Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

We joke about our dreams around here too. I brought home a kitten today. My kids are so excited.
Hope your feeling better soon.

baili said...

hope and pray that you will be fine soon dear ,for the new pet i think you will have too make a huge hall first to save him from snow like this ,i love to look at rocks cover with snow but it must be only for few days only ,
take great care