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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Chillen' Wit My Home Boy "B"

Its been a week of ups and downs. It started with me working on-off-on-off-on (12 hour nights mind you) and then finally I got some days off in a row. I'm slowly emerging from the thick fog that had enveloped me. The children seem no worse for the wear other than a mounting load of laundry, and the fact that I am wearing a pair of running pants because nothing else is clean.
My brother-in-law, also known as "The Ninja" and "Uncle Hat" loaned me this incredible cheese cake recipe which I have constructed and is currently in the refrigerator cooling to optimum temperature. The Sock Fashion Expert made a lovely huckleberry sauce anticipating its near arrival to the table. Since I am gearing up for a big start on the New Year, I figured I'd better get ideas of that cheese cake out of my system :-) I'm thinking on doing "365 days of sit ups/other abd work" starting on Jan 1.
Yesterday started out really stressfull. Super Catman was in tears because the corner of his brace had burrowed its way into the roof of his mouth causing a big sore there. We couldn't just leave it there digging in and the Orthodontist was not only 5 hours away, but inaccessable as he is "out of state visiting family". It wasn't something that could wait and so my husband tried bending it a little to get it from digging into his flesh. In the process, the whole thing popped off his back tooth. I was sick to my stomach imagining a livid Orthodontist. Surgeons are infamous for their testy behavior when their work is interfered with. They are so abominable, in fact, that no Doctor will touch another's work for fear of invoking the full force of their fury. Fearful in my mind that another specialist might be the same way, my mind began reeling and I thought I might throw up. It was one of those "no win" situations. In the end, my husband some how got the brace back on, but it is a bit crooked looking. That whole thing just set me off. I was nervous and edgy the whole day rehearsing what I could possibly tell the Dr. come Monday. Worse yet, I am hoping it doesn't mean another trip there this coming week. That would be terrible.

Once I get that way, it just seems to go down hill. I chat nervously and incessantly and end up saying the wrong thing. Before the end of the day I had sufficiently done irreversible damage. Its just so hard starting over trying to be a good wife and mom when I get myself into trouble oh so often. Thank heaven there is "Vitamin B". That seems to mellow me out some. That and cheese cake - LOL!!
Hmmm.... maybe another New Years Resolution will be saying supportive things to my husband and kids.... yeah, that sounds like a good one!! Maybe I will blog 365 days of abd work on my fitness blog and try 365 days of affirmations on this one :-) Maybe that's getting too complicated. I don't know.
I got a good ski in. The kids got school finished. I made pizza for lunch and tacos for dinner. Okay, today was more productive. I guess the horrors of yesterday are through now and today I'm Chillen' Wit My Home Boy "B". That infamous PamelaMichelleSarah seems to be planning a visit.
What ARE YOUR New Year Resolutions? Please Share them!!


Becky said...

Please don't be so hard on yourself, we all have those days when we do not behave as we should. That is just why Jesus came. These days come along to keep us humble and remind us that we need HIM. Give yourself grace as He already has.

Becky said...

BTW, cheesecake sounds delicious. As for my resolutions...they float around in my head, but I make no promises. One thing I know is that the Lord is my strength.

Mamma has spoken said...

Happy New Year to you too!
No resolutions for me, it's just setting me up for failure if I do...