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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Christmas Bear

In recent news, a diabolical villain busted into Super Catman's creature making program file and surnamed all his creations "Artsy Fartsy". No terrorist group (or siblings) have taken credit for this crime.

Art Dog announced to me that he had an idea for making "the perfect Christmas gift". He is planning to "Brain tan" a weasel hide. "Who wouldn't want a brain tanned weasel hide?" he asked me............

Yesterday, Super Catman got his cavities fixed, sealant on, and is now all caught up with the dentist. He's now ready for next weeks orthodontist appointment. I am still amazed and thankful that his braces were approved. Art Dog got his teeth cleaned and checked but didn't have any cavities.
After that we ran a gazillion errands. I am amazed the boys were so patient. They even gallantly loaned me their spare dollars at the laundromat until I made it to the bank that day. Do you have any idea how embarrassing it is asking for dollars from your kids in front of the laundry service worker because you don't have ANY cash?!? There they were doleing out dollars to their disorganized mother - lol!! The same thing happened at the second hand store when I was $2 over my credit there. The most frustrating part of the whole thing was not that I looked like a horrible mother, but that I spent HOURS getting ready for the trip the day before. I had a box for the consignment store, 2 boxes to donate to the thrift store, movie returns to a friend, Christmas letters and wreaths for some of the nice clinic people, lists, mail, etc. etc.. I had even loaded some of the stuff into the transport truck the night before. Then I go looking like a chump scabbing dollars off my boys the next day in public. Oh the agony!! Well anyway, I did pay them back :-) Now that you have laughed sufficiently at my horrible confession, I will leave you will a recent work of art by Art Dog :

The Christmas Bear
One day in a land far, far away, there was a sleeping bear deep in his cave. Then something strange happened, just a hint in the air. Something so pleasant even a bear might care. Something in the air shook all his hair. So he huffed then he puffed. Then he stood up on hinds to sniff another whiff. Now it was clear, something was near. What he did not hear. He had to know so he headed off through the deep snow.
He then found a house, in it were colorful lights on a big bushy tree. Surely some event. Then he started to walk on, then something made that big old bear freeze in his tracks, he heard some one say Christmas! Surely this was it! He jumped for joy! How he knew we may never know. Every year on out he wakes up for Christmas. So he called him self "Christmas Bear".
Not only was he Christmas Bear. He was also "Santa Bear"! Every Christmas he tip toed into every bears den and left a present, on it would be a note that read; "Merry late Christmas". For Example "To: Pooh From Christmas Bear". To some he gave a picnic basket to others he gave honey and to others he gave books, but that is the story of Christmas Bear!


Heather said...

Oh, the girls will love the story of Christmas bear!

It seems that no matter how you prepare for your errands, you can never cover all of the bases! Today we packed for violin, preschool, and a bunch of errands before we left the house. The thing I didn't pack was a lunch for me & Jake, so we ended up going to Subway! Ugh. :) (It was tasty, but a packed lunch would've been cheaper.)

Becky said...

Okay, I was just thinking of you the other day because my hubby and I were talking about new friends we have made here in Colorado who hunt. In Calif. hunting is not popular, but we have converted enough to enjoy deer jerky and deer sausage given to us by our pastor (who hunts). Anyway, talking of hunting of course made me think of you and your family. I remembered how the Archer caught that bear. Wow! Anyway, those thoughts made me want to come by and see how you are. So delighted to read Art Dog's lovely story about a Christmas Bear. Thank you!!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Our son started his adventure with braces also recently. Love your previous post.

Hubby should be home by the first or second week in January. Thanks for asking!

baili said...

liked the new blog pic dear its really cool.
thanks for lovely sharing .
god bless


Christmas Bear? Interesting story

Great Photo! :-)