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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Community Wreath Making Party

Working at the Wreathing Table

SFE and Co

Miss Minnies Wreath

Giving some instruction on cutting

Bow Making Lady Giant Womens Club Wreath

On a cold snowy morning, The Sock Fashion Expert and I packed up the chained 4wd truck and made our way down the steep, slippery driveway only to move it all into the other truck waiting below. It was the day of the 2nd Annual Women's Community Wreathing Party. Slowly, I drove down the slick, snowy roads, not wanting to end up in the ravine below. As we arrived at the community center, I saw a truck driving away. A kind man volunteered to start a fire in there so it would be warm upon our arrival. Sock Fashion Expert and I hauled in my wreathing table followed by rings and other supplies. I parked my truck near the door, as it was filled with a variety of evergreen boughs - enough for anyone who couldn't bring some. Mrs. Nice Lady hugged me and said a prayer for the event. Soon women were arriving with excitement and smiles. Many brought holiday snacks and treats. Sock Fashion Expert made incredible gingerbread cookies with cream cheese and vanilla frosting - yummy :-) Over the next few hours about 18 women clipped boughs and readied them for my wreather. Each took turns bringing them up as I ran them through the wreather. Each women smiled and had a story to tell. Many came up a couple of times since they were making one for somebody who couldn't be there. I loved it that they were thinking of others. Then we made a giant one for the local women's club to sell at a bizarre. That felt good too. As Christmas Worship softly played and I made contact with each lady, I couldn't help but feel joy in the fact that I had something good and worthy of sharing with others. At the end of the day they presented me with a tip jar to offset the cost of the rings I'd donated. They were very generous. One presented me with a bar of sweet smelling hand made soap. Another shared a loaf of freshly baked banana bread. It was a rewarding day.


Heather said...

Sounds wonderful! Let's do that together sometime when we're together around Christmas.

Did you make one for your home?

Momma Bug said...
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Jaclyn Hicks said...

A wreathing party sounds amazing! I hope to live in a community one day that does this! Sounds like the perfect way to celebrate Christmas, warm memories, fellowship, and the act of giving unto others! Perfect!

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

I wish I could've come! Your talents never cease to amaze me :-)

Anonymous said...

Your wreaths are beautiful! So is the new little guy!