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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Daddy's Angel

Daddy's Little Angel

Check Out Our Super Catman's New Braces!! No, the Orthodontist didn't punch him to keep him still ;-) He and Sock Fashion Expert had a harrowing sledding experience the day before.

There were a lot of significant things that happened this week. One, Super Catman got his braces. Two, a truly significant break through happened in our family.

Three, I got to meet my new friend and Kindred Spirit Mama Bug - check out Mama Bugs Blog She is such an incredibly gifted artist. She's a virtuous mother and wife. She's for sure a treasure of depth and conviction that few can match :-) It was so much fun to meet a bloggie buddy!! We had coffee today in town and she blessed us with a big bag full of dresses for Moonbeam and other treasures along with some of her artwork. In the pictures above, Moonbeam's dress, beads, bench and bear all came from generous Mama Bug :-) I'm so looking forward to developing our new friendship.

Even more than that, maybe five or six things happened. It was for sure "a God sighting week".

The trip to the orthodontist was quite an interesting one. I dressed Moonbeam in her cute green velvet Christmas sweat suit with pretty candy canes and snowflakes on it after her bath. She loves pointing out the candy each time she wears it. We loaded into the car. After the 5 hour drive, we jammed in an hour of Christmas shopping at Walmart. That was a marathon in itself. Then the hour and a half at the Orthodontist. I managed to grab some stuff and Wendy's and we scarfed down some frosties and burgers while running to the next store. It was about that time that the horrible terrible trouble happened. We had all been smelling a bad odor. Sock Fashion Expert changed a wet Moonbeam. Super Catman claimed responsibility for the uh...wind. My husband dropped us off at Target. Something still smelled. I frowned at Catman. We made our way into the store. I put Moonbeam into the cart and began pushing it deep into the clothing section. That's when I noticed something brown on my hand. It smelled. Then I looked at my sleeve. There was something brown all up the arm of my coat. My stomach lurched. Ever-so-slowly, I crept around the side of the shopping cart (please imagine back ground horror music) to look at Moonbeams back side. She looked up at me and said "Moona Did A Poona". She sure did!! Hoping not to attract any attention, I slid my coat off, turning it inside out and phoned my husband begging him to HURRY BACK NOW!! Miss Moona returned home with a beautiful new fluffy princess coat, minus one green velvet sweat suit. I, donned with a new ski jacket. I'd eyed them both at Costco before before but hadn't wanted to spend money frivolously. On the way home, I was marvelling at how we'd found so many things for the children's Christmas in such a short time. I was feeling thankful for the new coats, the groceries, the braces, and everything else. We stopped at a little grocery store half way home for a few other items and amazingly, the sled I'd wanted to get Super Catman was there in front of me at the check out line. It was another item I'd searched hard for. None of the big stores had had any. Again, I marvelled at God's great provision.


Momma Bug said...

Oh GOODNESS! That is just heart-melting!!!
*sigh* I have to tell you friend, that it was you who blessed me.
Thanks for taking those treasures off my hands - it's so lovely to see them be enjoyed (especially by such an adorable princess!)
That one dress she is wearing was the instigator for the rest of the lot we delivered. Sue and Olivia wore them in my sister's wedding a few years ago. The girls will be DE-lighted to see Moonbeam dressed up in them!

Love to you,

Heather said...

Oh, if that video isn't the sweetest thing in the world! I love the pics of her, too!

Tell Catman his braces are cool!

It's always fun & inspiring to read your blog. :)


Christine said...

I just wanted to say Merry Christmas to you and your family. I hope you have a wonderful Holiday.
God bless you and yours.