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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Apples attacking OR my sister Heathers crockpot applesauce

I felt like the isrealites complaining in the wilderness - well it all started like this :

"How come everybody gets free apples and fruit but me!???" I was whining to my good friend, ok, to a few of my good friends who were bragging about how they got their spoils. Little did i know about the coming blessing!!!! i went to an orchard and the lady told me the apples froze the night before, so they were FREE! With the help of mother in law and grand mother in law, we picked 580 lbs of apples!!!!
I am still making lots of apple based foods. I canned, froze, dehydrated, gave away and ate apples apples and more apples.
Here is Heather's
Crock Pot Apple Sauce
1. Peel and cut apples (or leave peels on if you want).
2. sprinkle a little lemon juice
3. add a cup or so of water.
4. let it cook all night on low
5. blend in blender in the am
In my house it is usually gone within 24 hours.
*Heather uses cloves or cinnamon or nutmeg in it i think. Heather leaves the peels on.


Lisa said...

Thank you for the comment! (and, it's okay that it posted so many times.)

I've never listened to Heather Clark, but I think I have heard some Rebecca St. James form my dad, and Pillar before as well.

I'll have to check them all out.

It's been like 75+ degrees over here lately, not feeling like winter at all.

Heather said...

Glad everybody liked it!

Guess what? You've been tagged! Go to my blog to find out what you have to do!

BWA ha ha ha ha!!!!