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Friday, December 12, 2008

The Zolowear Silk Brocade Ring Sling OR The Working Mom Blues

I bet all of you in internet land wonder why I haven't published a post in a while.... well I'll tell you!! Its the working mom blues. It all started when I balanced the checkbook. I discovered that to do everything we wanted to do, somebody needed to come up with some cash. After avoiding the "w" word for quite some time, I finally decided it was time to take drastic measures. I called the hospital and asked if anybody wanted a day off. If only then, I had known what I know now........ Suddenly my life became a tornado of events. Not only was the entire weekend available to me, but as time went on, I got call after call after call. Of course its easy to say "no" (not). I always feel guilty to somebody. If I say "yes", I feel guilty to my kids. If I say "no" I feel guilty to my job. Its a "no" win paradox. There is "no" right answer, not EVER!!!! You always wind up disappointing somebody.
I got a little smarter and began demanding time and a half. Well, I thought it was wiser, and it is to an extent. It makes the 12 hour night more worth my while. Then if I say "no" most people think I'm horribly wasteful to have passed up all that money. Its very hard saying "no" to time and a half at experienced nurse wages. Especially since I don't work a normal regular job. But then the guilt comes and so does the housing disaster..........
Suddenly the garbage can explodes with anger. Trash is spewed all over the floor. The dishes also become angered. As an army of doom, they launch assaults of catastrophic proportion. The counters as their battlefield, they unearth the dirty horror to all who dare enter their rancid battleground. The laundry of the house follows suit. It tries to invade while it has the chance. Favorite skirmish places include any floor, the couch, bedrooms and especially the bathroom. Not even a horror movie can elicit such dreadful moans. Yes, my home revolts, though the kids are usually o.k.. They are thinking "moms gone, lets par te' !!!
Anyway, I wound up working several nights, and then was bribed with time and a half for a few more. I am truly thankful that I have a job. I know many people don't. It's been a challenge with moonbeam nursing. I don't know what i'd do with out my wonderful man :-) He was up from 3am on with her this last time. His regime of late has been as follows......
1. Prepare the car. 2. Haul wifes stuff out to the car. 3. Haul babies stuff out the the car. 4. Remind wife several times she will be late if she does not leave NOW. 5. Watch wife painfully as she tells her kids "good bye", kisses them, prays for them (again) and looks for her shoes (which she often cannot find). 6. Drive wife to work. 7. Wait in town with baby so she can nurse once. 8. Did I mention WAIT IN TOWN??!!! With nothing to do, walk the screaming baby up and down looking at the hospital from the parking area, i don't know, use your imagination, i'm at work. Then sit there waiting as she nurses and then wait as all her friends view the child. 8. Drive baby home. 9. Put baby to bed. 10. Stay up trying to care for a baby who does not like a bottle or baby food. 11. Still awake, put baby bag back into the car, with baby and head back for wife at work. 12. Drive the full hour and a half back to the hospital. 13. Purchase fuel 14. Intercept wife 15. Drive wife home. 16. Haul wife and babies stuff in. 17. Collapse in exhaustion as he must begin his daily routine doing whatever work or homeschool he hopes to accomplish.
Being the husband of a working mom is a job in itself!!!!!!
Ok, now for my promised sling review..... I had some baby gift money left over and i just couldn't resist this extra ordinary sling!!!! I know I should have gotten cotton, but the silk was just sooooo luxurious. True I am wearing it making spaghetti, but really, I took it off before the sauce began to bubble. Its a lovely thick material. I like being able to adjust it so she's safely in there. I love the colors. Its also a nice and deep fit for her. Moonbeam likes the material too. She looks at it and rubs it. I just got it a few days ago, but I already love it. I can't wait to wear it to church. I can tell it will be used alot. My biggest hope is it will wash well. It's a whopping 40% off at Sobee babies. It also got shipped real fast which impressed me.


Lisa - Mother of Nine said...

You can't find your shoes? Me either! Frustrates my kids to no end having to wait for me when it's time to go. Even more embarrassing for them is when I can't find my socks, either, and it's snowing outside, and I can only find my crocs, or worse, sandles, and I just put them on without the socks and go to town. They have lots of reasons for not wanting to be seen with me.

Heather said...

I love Moonbeam's expression in the picture!

You are such a good writer, outdoor mom! I love Kevin's list of working-day events, as well as your description of how the garbage can explodes in anger!!

outdoor.mom said...

Gosh you guys are such fun commenters!!! Lisa, I bet we both have towering sock baskets too - lol. Heather, Thanks! You are so sweet.

toytrkman said...

Maybe you should get your husband a BIG Christmas present!

outdoor.mom said...

Maybe he should get me a big present!!!!