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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Our Airplane Miracle.....

A few years ago, we owned a small older Cessna. I always felt a little uncomfortable in it... Maybe it was the time the door popped open during take off, landing and during turbulence (yes three times!) while i was holding a baby in my arms. Maybe it was because God was dealing with fear in my life. Who knows, but here's how God protected us that terrible day.....

I had planned on shopping at Cold Water Creek's awesome sale that day. I was really psyched up for it. God spoke to my heart about going with Kevin on his flight to Missoula. I didn't want to, and the thought of flying with him made me sick to my stomach. I really REALLY wanted to go to that sale, but i was plagued with conviction to go with him. Finally i said "OK!" to that convicting voice of the Holy Spirit. I didn't sleep well that night. I tossed and turned and felt a general sense of forboding. Finally i got up, not having slept well. I pulled on the only clean thing in my drawer - this crazy pair of black flared polyester pants. When Kevin saw me, he asked me to find something else to wear.... he doesn't like me doing the crazy pants thing with him. Since i didn't have any thing else clean at the time, he consented and we left.
I kept feeling this sense of doom as we drove to the airport. When we got in the plane my stomach churned and I covered my head as i tried to sleep during take off. Not an hour into our flight, something awakened me. I instantly felt the presence of God and I knew something was wrong. Suddenly the engine began to cut out. Kevin tried calmly adjusting something. It got worse. It kept choking....and choking..... and choking. Kevin radioed in an emergency landing to the nearest airport. I really didn't want to be "caught dead" in those crazy pants that day.
I'm far from a mechanic (really far), but I've never heard an engine sputter that many times without shutting off. I started praying and standing in faith (and I'm sure Kevin was too). I could feel the spiritual battle going on. Even though I knew that natural circumstances were going to cause our plane to stop running, I stood in faith, not backing down. I took authority over the situation and commanded the plane to fly in Jesus name. I know that God kept our airplane running miraculously. We were able to land.
I couldn't get off the floor in the airport. I was just sick. I thought about all my little kids at home without us. Then He spoke to my heart to do something inconceivable. To get back into the airplane and go home, telling me that there would be no further trouble. Kevin decided after looking at it that it was water in the gas tank. He drained out some and we went home. I didn't call the kids all panic stricken. I just called them and checked on them calmly. I got back into the plane and I flew home. True to His Word, we didn't have any further trouble.
Then Kevin let me go to Cold Water Creek and said "baby buy whatever you want". I was happy I wasn't "caught dead" in those crazy pants. I felt very glad to be alive and had a good time at the sale.

This is another testimony of God's protection I'm grateful for. I want to keep a record of these good things and remember them. This is why I decided to write about it on my blog.

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