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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Our Church Christmas Pagent

Kiana was Mary. She sang a solo "What Child is This?"
Kaleb was an angel. He was adorable (but don't tell him!)
Karsten was a shepherd. He was a gas!! He took off from the stage by accident. He fidgeted with his staff. He was sooo cute!!
Above is me, obsessively wreathing between church services.


Heather said...

Look at that last picture! Thanks for sharing these--it's so fun to keep up with you guys and all the special things you do! I wish I could've heard Kiana sing, and Kaleb and Karsten do their parts.

Krystiana wasn't Jesus, was she? It almost looked like it in that last picture. . .

outdoor.mom said...

no, they used a doll.... she hasn't been too content in church lately. She wants to walk around now a day...