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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

More Commentary on "Mordic Walking" and other oddities

As you can see, my boyz made this lovely centerpiece (it was a good distraction). Its been such a fabulous week. The snow that is usually bathing Yaak this time of year has held herself back. The kids and I have been able to scour the woods for berries and things normally not available to add to our wreaths this time of year.
I started a weight loss support group (namely myself, my friend Kelly alias Silverbell, and another lady who just came to visit and really wasn't interested in weight loss). In Yaak, you gotta take your visiting opportunities where you can get 'em. Topics of discussion included life without sugar and white flour, encouraging scriptures, and thongs. Anyway, we had a good walk and decided to take a field trip to a shopping center for our next meeting. The subject of mordic walking was broached, but someone quickly changed the subject.
I have refrained from "mordic walking" due to wreathing, no snow, and my husbands comment that when Karsten thought "Nordic Walking" was "Mordic Walking", he said "I can think of a similar word that it looks like". Though he didn't come out and say it, "moronic" flashed in my mind. Despite this set back, i will regroup and set out on my mordick endeavors after the ice and snow have set in.


Heather said...

Love the picture!

Heather said...

Dearest sister,
I am so thrilled to read of your wonderful weight loss goal. Now God is giving you an inspiring opportunity to put into practice your Spirit-enabled self-discipline by allowing your daughter (of famous chef status) to make cookies for your one and only sister.

Please, Please, PLEASE!!!

I'll give you anything you want when you come!!


Me said...

You know outdoor mom,
Heather has a good point.

outdoor.mom said...

AAAAAHHHHHH i cave!! Make the cookies.