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Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Other Side of the "Moon"

Moonbeam Loves to Swing!The boys are pretending Archer must put out this "fire"! As you can see, Moonbeam confiscated the "fire" for her own use!
The Archer practices donning his structural fire suit. He must be able to put it all on in one minute!

Super Catman's first day doing the dishes.

Art Dog uses some ingenuity to get the trampoline back together.

Our "balmy" March has ushered in a lot of opportunity. The men are working daily on our heavy equipment, getting it ready for government inspections. Inspections, along with a lot of other red tape has to be done this month in order to bid. The bidding only happens once every three years. So, needless to say, this month is a big deal for our family. Its the possibility of fire work that could be such a good thing for us all. Our heavy equipment hasn't worked for 4 or 5 years now, but we've had to keep paying for workers comp, thousands of dollars in insurance, etc., just to have the possibility of work. Every day, I tackle some aspect of paper work while the men labor solidly.
Our eldest son, The Archer, was given the chance to take a "Structure Fire Fighting" course at Montana State University's Fire Fighter Academy. A grant from being a part of the volunteer fire dept. will pay for him to take the week and a half of training. Gulp.... the longest he's ever been gone (guess i'd better get used to it). Then our son and a few others will come back and train the rest of the department. The course requires you to be in top physical shape. The course guide is 1,500 pages. Between working on heavy equipment and studying for the course, The Archer's day is full.
Because I can't get as many chores out of the Archer these days, Super Catman is starting to pick up some of the slack. Today, for the first time ever, he started washing dishes. The novelty wore off pretty fast, but he managed to keep his head above water.
After school and chores with the kids, I escaped out on a short hike. I brought some zucchini mini loaves to some neighbors too. When I got back, Art Dog was working furiously on putting the trampoline back up. I was amazed at his ingenuity in getting the thing back together (notice the rope he has tied around himself)!
Moonbeam has taken to taking her clothes off at any given time of the day. Once she figured out how to undress, she's decided she prefers life in the raw. This can keep me on my toes, especially where dirty diapers are concerned. I'll spare you some of those details. The other day, I dressed her three times and she undressed each time within minutes. Then she proceeded to urinate on my new carpet. Moonbeam has also taken to crayons, pencils and pens. On any given day, she will begin writing on the children's school work, the floor, the wall - whatever she can find to make contact with a writing utensil. She does these naughty things, and then she gives us this big beautiful smile and nobody can be cross with her. Uhh... speaking of the Moon Muffin, well, gotta run!


Anonymous said...

I'll be praying that your equipment works in time. That's great training- I think this year the forest fire season is going to be busy, the early spring means more underbrush growing faster, I guess it all depends if it stays dry.. Such important work that your family is doing! Was it really 63f, wow!

cmoursler said...

i hope you get the contract. And my oldest went through a period of perpetual undress. Their quick little boogers, aren't they.

Heather said...

Oh, I loved this family update! Love hearing about all the kids I don't always catch up with (namely, the boys)!

baili said...

thanks for such loveliest,post dear,i hope and pray that your equipment will work great and in time,i am really glad that your eldest is going take first practical step by his own ,i know it is hard in the begging to get use for his absence in house, but he will be fine and make you proud of him,love to hear that you younger has started feeling his responsibilities and trying to help his mom,mine is also a nice baby he never say no when ever i need his help in house work,moonbeam is reminding me my winter problems with my younger they give me hard time to wear proper warm clothes especially socks ,thanks for lovely pics too have a blessed life