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Friday, March 12, 2010

Last Perfect 10 Post - Horray!

Moonbeam decides to "tuck her brother in".

1. Exercise 6 Days a Week - yep, pretty much the whole 10 weeks.

2. Sit Ups /Planks - Delinquent, but that's OK. I did more than i would have if it hadn't been a goal ;-)

3. Healthy Idea in my kids daily - For the most part. It was a good 10 weeks.

4. B/4 and after pics - haven't had time to do an after, but i do have some up from week 9. Maybe later.

5. More Water - yes, Veggies - yes, Fruits - yes

6. Burn Rather than Binge. Well, been doing pretty good with that goal. Today was a good finale for that. I was in a two day intensive trauma course. I had been doing good. Then I heard something very disturbing (besides the class content). Well, that was enough to drive me to some extra black coffee. Otherwise, it went pretty well all 10 weeks.

7. Hair - Done

8. Weekly work outs with a Buddie - Yes. I also have a lot of fun ones coming up. Next week, I'm planning a kayaking trip with some friends. In a few weeks, a bunch of us are planning an extreme chicks hike into the back country. Also weekly (+) running dates.

9. Biggest Loser - D0ne

10. Shopping - Done (but is a girl ever done shopping?!)

*Something about myself. Well, I'm really glad to be done with these perfect 10 posts! It was good for consistency in following goals, etc. etc.. I will have to measure this weekend and see how many inches i'm down. Been pretty busy with work and trauma classes to focus much on any of that. Hmm.... something else about myself. Well, ok, i'm super jealous of my kid sister, Heather, who is running the "Shamrock Shuffle" 5K this weekend. I want to do a 5K! Humph! Ok, i'm really proud of the little snag and bragging her up a little bit too :-) GO HEATHER!!! YOU ROCK!!!!! Some day, i'm going to grow up and run a 5K just like you!!!!


cmoursler said...

yeah we did it!!! All ten weeks done.
Great job you.
Get a pic up...you can do it...my internet stinks and after five attempts I managed to up load one. lol.
again. great job.

The Purple Cowboy said...

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The Purple Cowboy said...
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baili said...

congrats for completing your tasks dear ,i enjoyed reading about each corner of your life,and i found the picture one of the most beautiful and touching pictures i have seen,thanks for sharing such loveliness god bless you and your family

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

Good job! I love that sweet photo too. I must say, I admire you for doing this, and for having someone come over and watch you homeschool! I loved the line about cleaning up the "deceptive" part. I can soooo relate :-)

South Beach Steve said...

Great job on finishing The Perfect 10! While you may not have hit every goal, just think of the progress you have made. That is really what the challenge was all about!

Becky said...

For the record, I am never done shopping. In this family if I don't do the shopping, it won't get done. And yes Heather rocks, but you do too! You are doing so well with your commitment, YOU GO GIRL!