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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Suspicious Strangers Strange Screamy Sounds and Slimy Soup

Two Strange Men have taken up residence at the top of our drive. Though there is no "camping spot" there, they've parked a truck, built a camp fire and placed misc camping gear around. The truck is very old, and the 40ish men, scruffy and unshaven. Each time we drive or walk by, they put their heads down and cover their faces. Sometimes they hide in the truck or tent. They won't acknowledge you're there, or say "hi" back.
Last year they were there. They did the same thing. They actually threw watermelon rinds on the drive. Why anybody would pick a spot to camp right next to our drive is beyond me. We and the neighbors all drive by there daily. They obviously don't want to see people. Its just bizarre.
Today it got even more bizarre. Our son was out on a hike through the woods, and was near by where the men were. He said a man was yelling strange garbled high pitched nasal sounds. Like he was sneezing and talking or something, though none of it was intelligible. The strangers presence is a bit eerie and leaves me to my imagination. Today I made my own trail through the woods to avoid going by him, so I could run on the main road.
Everybody knows everybody here. We have a lot of strange people around, but we're used to their oddities. They're used to ours. Though people do peculiar things, they're harmless. Probably this guys strange uttering and inability to look at anyone and maybe even his odd camping spot is harmless. Its just different. I can hear the Veggie Tales song "I can be your friend" resonating in my head, so I suppose I should stop elaborating.
Contrary to what you may be thinking about the cookie pics, I've actually been cooking quite healthy lately. Today I made home made half wheat tortillas, with ground venison burger, sprouts I sprouted and some other toppings. I had some farm milk I needed to use up, so I made home made ice cream - OK not so healthy. I also braved my hand again at yogurt. I tried a new method I am hoping works better than the crockpot one. In this method, after heating the milk and adding in the culture, you wrap the pan well with a towel and place it next to the wood stove. You know its the right temperature if you can put your finger in it for 10 seconds, no longer. Yes, it sounds a bit primitive, but it was a tip given by a missionary. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and I'm desperate (or more like determined) to get this figured out :-)
Every morning, I've been making smoothies with our huge reserve of frozen peaches, pluots, huckleberries, cherries and the remaining fresh grapefruit. I'm pleased the kids have decided my smoothies aren't disgusting any more, and most of the family eats one daily. Especially Moonbeam.
Finally, I made an ultra healthy soup yesterday, using 8 different vegetables. Most of them were pureed, so they couldn't be detected. The only thing you could see was the chicken, pasta and corn. I thought it was great, but the children (and especially my husband) were not at all impressed with the green hue in the broth. Hmm... maybe I should see if our bushy campers are hungry LOL.


toytrkman said...

Thats not the strange men in the picture is it?

baili said...

hope you are doing fine dear ,all i can see two cute little men in the pic who dont look stranger at all god bless

Becky said...

Hey, green soup, was that for St. Patrick's day? :-) I would be scared of those two men.

Nishant said...

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