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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Home School Impromptu Ear Cleaners and More

Something struck me. No, it wasn't an intimate object, nor was it of intention, but it was a direct hit none the less. For days, this women's magazine plagued my living room. Every time I picked it up, I scoffed at it and refused to read. You see, some of its doctrines are a bit offensive to me. Every time I pick it up, I get all huffy. This nice church lady keeps giving me copies, and then I feel obligated to read them. Well, after picking it up for the 5th time, I decided that there had to be something I could get out of it. Sure enough, I did.
Though there is plenty in the magazine I don't agree with, the woman who writes for it is a gifted writer. She writes with conviction and wisdom. Despite our doctrinal differences, she said some things that impacted me. Namely, as Christians, we are preparing our children to go out "as sheep among wolves". She said that people would readily tear apart our kids. This is true. When our kids enter the world, they should know what they believe and be prepared to communicate their beliefs effectively. The woman went on to give the example of having kids do impromptu speeches on certain subjects or scriptures. I liked that idea.
So today, we decided to apply this to our morning devotions. Each kid was given a verse. Then each one was given 3 minutes to give a speech/discussion on it. As each kid took turns standing up, I was proud at how confident they were. I was proud at how well they read. Of all the things I've probably done wrong home schooling, I'm proud I've taught them all to read well. Oh there were things they could improve on. One practiced ear cleaning techniques, and all of them did something a little bit distracting, but over all, they did a good job. I think I'm going to start integrating this practice on a weekly basis during our Devotions time.
Whoever you are, whatever you may believe, this woman is absolutely right. We do need to teach our children to articulate well. They should be prepared to intelligently defend what they believe. Simple communication skills like eye contact, a strong hand shake and a smile, and other body language can set our children up for success in whatever they chose to pursue.
I found as I read through the magazine, I agreed with a lot more than I disagreed with. Had I chose not to read it, I would have missed out on a great way to enrich my home school practices.


Mr. Stupid said...

You did a really good thing. My Mom often did that during Family gatherings.
Anyways, lovely post...:)

baili said...

that is a wonderful idea dear and i am proud of you too for teaching them as nice,i will keep it in my mind for my kids too thanks for sharing dear,and have a lovely life take care

Annika said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! I love your 'about me' I love adventure too :)

Your post is so true. As homeschooling moms we have the privilege of teaching our children to stick up for what they believe and to live in such a way that reflects that belief.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the Lord tempered your heart too- You drew the line, "not reading magazine"; He kept placing it where you would see it! He didn't allow you to pick it up, until you were ready! The Lord has convicted me in this fashion before, it always brings me closer to Him!

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

Very good advice. I think I was better at this with my older two than I am with my younger ones. Thanks for this reminder.

cmoursler said...

I have some really awesome magazines that were printed by a homeschooler...I dont always agree with everything she writes, but more often than not..if I read it with an open mind, I get quite abit out of it.
Sometimes we get more from people we disagree with than people we agree with.
Great topic.
I practice apologetics with my kids all the time.

Paula Rodriguez said...

What a great idea. I wish I would have praticed that as a kid. I wouild have learned to assert myself and speak my mind. With ease and confidence. Wonderful to implement that in their daily lessons.

Oh, sometimes I wish I could raise my kids all over again. I was just too busy worrying about putting food on the table to really impart these types of lessons.

You're doing a great job. I admire those who home school.

Take care

Nishant said...

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Susan said...

I've enjoying perusing your blog and getting to know you a bit - wow, 5 kids and homeschooling? You are my hero (all homeschooling moms are my heroes, as I taught school for 8 years). You're right: teaching the kiddos to read well is very important; I would say *the* most important skill we can teach them.