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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Exciting Real Life Account of How I Am Surviving a Messy House

Today I ran 3 miles for the first time since Jr. High. I am quite elated with that accomplishment. I also kept careful tabs on the position of my head. The house is, as expected, a terrible disaster, but I had come to anticipate that. It occurred to me after my upset on Sunday, that the house being in a state of disarray DOES NOT constitute my going to pieces. In time, it will be cleaned up again. What DOES bother me is when I get all grouchy about it. I can't make people do chores and upkeep when I'm gone, but I can maintain an inner peace in the midst of a messy house. This is my true goal. Here's an excerpt from last Sunday :
"On Sunday Morning, I was close to my melting point. Dishes marched onto the counters from all directions. I was frantically trying to get some muffins made for the church pot luck, along with some for my family to take on a visit. People were wanting breakfast. Moonbeam was clinging to my legs "knotting" as my sister says. The house was still a disaster from me being gone working a few days before. I could hear some voice in the background telling me I should have gotten up earlier, but I had gotten up early. It had been months since I'd done the missions report and I knew my turn to do it was long overdue. I'd gotten up early, prayed and compiled some data together to share for the report. As I felt myself melting down, I asked one of the kids who was wandering around wearing a costume he'd been working on to make the breakfast. He didn't want to. I was so frustrated. I said nothing. I put my head down. "Don't people understand how busy I am?!" Self pity came over me and then I sulked."
It goes on to tell you that he did make breakfast, but rather than clean off the highchair, he put Moonbeam's scrambled eggs on the front of a dining room chair (no plate). It also tells you about how my guarder belt broke after I had finally assembled it with some stockings. It was an "Every thing goes wrong morning".
"So here we are on the way to church. We've just picked up the neighbor girl. We're supposed to be this wonderful Christian family and I'm grouchier than all get out! Then the neighbor girl tells us she won "Grand Champion" prize with the her demonstration on smoothies. This is the demonstration that I gave her my extra blender for, donated some frozen fruit for, and also gave her my own smoothie tips about. I couldn't help but smile a little."
Things were going to improve a lot that day. This was just the beginning. The Missionary Report also went really well. As a matter of fact, my biggest regret that day was my bad attitude. I am thinking that I can learn from the past here and show some Good Attitude in the midst of a tumultuous mess.
"Probably, the messy house and dishes will eventually get cleaned up. Conveying peace in the storm to my children would have been a better prize to strive after."
Above photo : The Sock Fashion Expert Reading a Louis L'Amour


Walking on Sunshine... said...

I've been there many times! And often wonder why my family stays around after one of those days. Seems like you really figured out how to have peace in the midst of a storm!

Eric and Hannah Avery said...

Thanks for all your comments on my blog! My house isn't clean all the time either...actually, I can't seem to keep our room clean. After all...homes are to be lived in! Glad you had a good day after all.

Becky said...

Well, praise the Lord you get grouchy. Man, I was really starting to think you were perfect. I am glad to know that you have bad days just like me.

cmoursler said...

My house today...It's a sty.
But my mind today...110 percent better.
Because I am starting to take care of a long standing problem.
And people should help.
Maybe ask your hubby or one of the kids to do dishes.
I did this on thursday.
My week was packed and by Thursday my kitchen was looking like it needed to be condemned. 930 at night, I looked at my hubby and said. Darling, could you do the dishes?
bad faces, sulking but he did them.
It helped soooo much.
sometimes one chore makes all the difference in your mood.
Feel better hun.

Mr. Stupid said...

That must have been a really hard day. Talking about mess, my room always looks like its been hit by a Tornado. I don't clean. Coz, another one might get here soon... LOL

Glad you survived the storm...:)

Foodie Girl said...

3 miles! Wow! You go mamma!

Heather said...

What do you mean that you ran 3 miles for the first time? Haven't you been doing that for a while? Or have you been doing the run a while, walk a while thing and never quite got to 3 miles in one stretch? Because I've been a bit discouraged that running 3 miles straight is SO difficult for me, and this encourages me a bit. :)

Miss you lots.

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

We have 8 people living in what some would call a relatively small house. I've come to believe that clean is really a state of mind, and I need to keep the state of my mind clean :-) I can so relate to your post. Meltdowns on Sundays, I remember them well. We started attending church on Saturday nights about 6 years ago (our church has both Sat. and Sun. services). It's been wonderful for me, I guess God knew I needed all day to get ready :-)

Nishant said...

Seems like you really figured out how to have peace in the midst of a storm!
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