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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Working Mom Blues and the Case of The Loopy Leprechaun's Loitering

I was disappointed when my yogurt looked as if it had been exhaled with force out of a great white hippopotamus. That is, I ended up with 6 ½ cups of white slime. The stuff LITERALLY has the texture and consistency of albino snot. The other stuff I made last month, I managed to farm out into bread making so it wouldn’t go to waste. I just can’t get beyond this batches texture. I think I’m gonna have to feed it to the cat, or I’m gonna hurl.
Today I would classify as “less than organized”. My ducks were quacking in every direction and I began shooting for abstract “duck art” rather than the traditional “row” approach. I had scheduled a theme day with the kids. We packed toys into boxes for orphans in India. You may think that’s a great idea, what you don’t know is that the toys were donated last August!! It’s true. Somebody at church approached me a few weeks back asking me if I still had the shipping check. I hadn’t even opened the envelope with the check dated August 14th on it. Yes, this was a terrible ball dropping on my part. I knew it would never happen unless I made it into a school day. We looked up verses about giving. The children wrote letters to the orphans. We prayed the boxes would make it safely. Toys and candy peppered the living room with Moonbeam right in the middle of the action, unpacking as fast as the kids packed. In the end, getting the boxes ready to ship was a tremendous relief, though the ordeal seemed stressful at the time. Thanks to everybody who supports “Helping Hands”. The check for shipping was $41.40 and Helping Hands will supply the other 60 some dollars.
In the midst of trying to get my husband out the door this morning, I made the mistake of giving Moonbeam a punch cup with smoothie. I know better than to do that, but I was too lazy or maybe in too much a hurry to wash the high chair tray off, and it was the only thing that would fit on the special “snack” surface. Of course, she threw the cup on the floor and it shattered all over. Of course, I later stepped in glass and had to pull it out of my foot with tweezers. This is just one of the examples of my scattered day. I would give you many more stories, but you would quite possibly jump out a window from reading, and I wouldn’t want that on my conscience.
At any rate, many “catastrophes” befell me prior to my upcoming shift. One ray of hope in my day happened when I was lying down with the Moon Muffin. I heard the sound of reading coming from the kitchen. It was Super Catman’s day to do dishes and he was sizing up a bumper crop. The seven year old plugged away slowly at them, as seven year olds do. Any mum would get the fuzzy feeling of “the good life” when she beheld this act of kindness. In an attempt to distract Super Catman from his mountains of doom, Art Dog and Sock Fashion expert were taking turns reading to him from a Louis L’amore. The kids are working on the “Reading is the Ticket” program, that gives each kid a free amusement park ticket for reading or being read to for 10 hours. Super Catman’s been having some trouble getting his hours in, though he’s made many valiant attempts. Today, thanks to the kindness of his brother and sister, He got in an hour for his theme park ticket and a distraction while getting his dishes done. Yes, there is still good in the world today even if a loopy leprechaun was loitering around.


Becky said...

Reading this post all I can see is what an awesome Mom you are. To me you seem like Super Woman.

Paula Rodriguez said...

Ditto... you are amazing and the things you accomplish just before a shift. Wow. Yes, Super mom indeed.

Michele McCrory said...

I LOVE the names of your posts. They are very creatively named! I have enjoyed reading them and "getting to know you." If my husband had his way 13 years ago, we would be living in Montana. Will make a trip up there sometime. He has been 3 times (all before we met) and he keeps saying he'd like to go. One day!

Nishant said...

you are amazing
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