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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Back Packing Euphoria

After a marathon week of Vacation Bible School, we embarked on a much anticipated 2 day back packing trip. Fourteen of us, including kids, hiked along a remote valley trail near rushing creeks, through thick tall foliage, by colorful wild flowers and into a chain of 6 lakes.
Amazingly, the children held up quite well and we pushed into unknown territory. We camped in a dense cedar forest along pristine waters. While the men fished, us girls sunned ourselves and swam. As evening came on, the children played in the almost mystical Forest. They climbed a gigantic rock covered in soft, plushy moss. As you can see, Art Dog had his own ideas about what to do with the moss!
Children laughed and played. My husband read us all a Patrick McMannus Story after roasting hot dogs and marshmallows. The forest was alive with nocturnal life as the weary children began to drop off to sleep. Other than pack rats storming our camp and chewing Art Dogs belt and Archers holster, we and the dogs kept them at bay. By 3:30 AM, Moonbeam decided she was up for the day - oh and ugh!! Well, at least I had a mess of pancakes ready for every early riser...........
We took the way back leisurely (if you can say that about hiking a wide range of aged kids that many miles) - lol. At lunch we stopped at another lake, relaxing near the water again. The Archer packed Moonbeam in and out for which I am extremely grateful. He's 19 now, as of a few days ago. Everyone was amazed how he not only did that, but cleaned and cooked all the fish, washed pans and did many of the camp chores. He is for sure a hero of the weekend!!
I think I enjoyed almost every moment of the weekend, except for maybe at chilly 3:30 AM - ha ha. Every second I felt alive and almost euphoric - from gorging on fish and drinking ambrosia from the natural springs to playing in the water with my husband and kids, the trip was so memorable. Best of all, it was fun to do it with good friends who enjoy the same things we do.


Anonymous said...

I like my trailer with a potty too much!!! You amaze me!

Mr. Stupid said...

Wow. You guys are having a blast. Nice pictures. Everyone looks so exited.

Eric and Hannah Avery said...

It looks like you guys had an AWESOME time! I love the pictures!