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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Deep Thoughts With Me (What You've Been Waiting For) Just Kidding

Today, as I stumbled out of the kitchen with my fresh brewed coffee, I followed my familiar routine and I headed for the door. I slipped on some shoes and disappeared ever so quietly into the fresh morning air - armed with my Bible. It had rained hard last night, which was no surprise and everything was sopping wet. Around the side of the house, I shook off my lawn chair and set an old coat down on top of it. A heavy mist hung low in the valley as I looked downward over the wooded hills and placid river.
A sense of peace transcended as I turned to 2nd Samuel. Nathan the prophet went to David telling him of an injustice done with a little lamb. In his fury, David said that the man must die and Nathan told him that the man was David himself...........
David had done some very evil things. If you remember your Bible stories, you will know that David had a good, honorable man murdered in order to cover up his adultery and keep the mans only wife, Bathsheba. She was carrying David's child. It was a terrible injustice, worthy of death.
Nathan goes on to tell David that his child born by Bathsheba will die and the child becomes sick. Despite David's fasting and prayers, the child dies. Then a funny thing happens. Bathsheba immediately becomes pregnant again. God's Mercy Prevails. That child went on to become Solomon, wisest king in the world. Because of David's sexual perversion, perversion clung to his lineage in Solomon and also Absalom. It became a generational curse. That's not the point of my story though. My point is, God was Merciful. He gave the mourning parents another child despite the terrible sin.
Many times I have wondered why I put forth the effort I do to help people who don't always deserve it. Recently, I'd been praying about it and wondering why I do what I do. Once, many years ago during my days of travel, I was working in a small town hospital. My first week or two on the job, it became apparent that nobody liked a particular newer nurse who worked there. She was an older woman who had recently gotten her nurses license. Her mannerisms were gruff and she made a lot of mistakes. She was an alcoholic. She had extremely different political views than me. Really, we had nothing in common. I owed her nothing, didn't know her well and didn't relate to her in the least bit. She had just made another significant mistake and she was on the verge of being fired. Most of the nurses were all for it. I went to the Director of Nursing and asked her not to fire her just yet. I implored her to put her on my shifts and let me try and teach her. I even told her I would take responsibility for her on my shifts. After that, when people started gossiping, I would stop the gossip. Though I was a new employee, I was a seasoned nurse and had earned respect. Soon the gossip stopped circulating, for sure around me anyway. Though the woman still made mistakes, she started trying harder. Something about the situation had changed.
Over and over, when I find myself doing these strange actions, I ask myself why I am doing them. Then, just like this morning, I find the reason all fresh and new. God is Merciful. He loves His children. Despite our evil ways, despite our sins, despite the way we mess things up, He has a plan to redeem us. When we follow His perfect plan, things go well for us. When we chose to divert from God's ways, pain and suffering surely follow. Then there is Gods Mercy and He reaches out to us once again. I suppose if I can be a small part of that process for a few, it is my privilege and not my obligation. After all, I've made my own share of mistakes.


"Indescribable" said...

He is our best role model!
great post.

baili said...

wow i just got along you in your beautiful lawn and surroundings,thanks for such peaceful sharing take care

Becky said...

I know about this kind of love. I know it for myself and others. Mostly God has me working this kind of love out through the relationship with my adopted sons. There are those days when my flesh feels like giving up, but God doesn't let me give up. He uses me to keep on showing HIS love day after day.

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

Thank you for this wonderful post. It's a good reminder of how God wants us to act towards others.