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Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Really Sweet Wedding

The Happy Couple

I know its a bit blurry, but look at how beautiful and long her spiral curls are!

The groom wrote a beautiful song for his bride and sang it as she walked down the aisle.

This is where the wedding was held, right in front of the river. Osprey, Eagles, Swallows and Geese swam and swooped all around. Butterflies danced across the groomed lawns and flowering trees and shrubs bent heavily over with their blooming treasures.

Today we went to a beautiful wedding and I have to admit, I had just a little part in the match making ;-) It all started like this : About 3 years ago or so, I was sitting in an Emergency Room chatting with a co-worker. He told me he was thinking about learning to fly. I told him he should go over to the next city to an airport my husband was working at. My husband had just had up to our house one of his friends, a flight instructor, who worked there as well. The flight instructor was as genuine as they come and had been believing God for a wife for many years. The co-worker had 2 college age daughters and 2 sons all of whom they'd been home schooling. Well, he liked the idea of meeting this wonderful man and wanted to learn to fly besides. I guess the flight instructor became a really good friend of the family and eventually fell in love with and married one of the daughters. Awww sweet...... Anyway, here's a few fun pics :-)
I pretty much behaved myself except for accidentally breaking the punch ladle. I had gone back for more and the girl serving punch just stood there so I decided to help myself. Big mistake! As I smushed down some sherbet the ladle went "SNAP!" Very embarrassing! I am just wondering if normal people do as many embarrassing things as I do?!?! Well, at least I can blog about it - lol.
I also stretched myself and made potato salad for the event (for 200 some people). And I've never made potato salad that turned out before. I obsessed about it just a little too much and probably drove my family batty. We peeled 25 lbs of potatoes the night before and boiled 2 dozen eggs. When it was time to put it all together Moonbeam was hanging on my dress and the minutes before we had to leave disappeared like ice on a hot day. Under pressure, trying to push around pounds of potatoes with a spoon and get just the right taste made me feel like I was sinking in a giant bowl of it myself. Well the end result was that I didn't have to take any left overs home and nobody threw up so I guess its all good......


Mr. Stupid said...

That's such a nice story. They both look very happy. Great pictures.
Wow. A Wedding near a river. That sounds amazing. Glad you had a great time...:)

Paula Rodriguez said...

That is a nice story and what beautiful pictures. I can't think of a lovelier place to be married and you're right. The bride's hair is very pretty.

Sorry to hear that it's been raining in your neck of the woods. The weather is finally warming up here.


Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

What a beautiful setting for a wedding. I showed my daughters the photos. They always love seeing anything about weddings. We liked her dress too. So many today are strapless, and I've been pointing out to my girls how pretty dresses with straps or sleeves can be.

Becky said...

Beautiful pictures, gorgeous bride, lovely wedding, sweet story

Okay, what is this about you not being normal? I did not know you are not normal. Heck, you should have seen my accident in the park. I was riding a scooter, tried to round a corner, was going to fast, tried to hit the brake, missed and flipped. Part of the scooter jammed into my thigh and I got a big bump and bruise. My sons came running to help me up, people asked if I was okay and I started crying because I felt stupid. Then that night I had a dinner guest over and as I opened the door to let her in I tripped, but saved myself by hanging on to the door.