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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Kestrel's Midnight Song Book Review

A few years ago, I was visiting with another home school mom, sitting at her table while our kids were playing together. I hadn't seen her eldest son at all that day. "He's working on a novel" she told me. A hushed awe fell over the kitchen. There are home schooling moms, and then there are home schooling moms!! She would forever live on to be one of those kind of home schooling moms that other moms could look up to!! Truly, all of her children are amazing. Looking into their eyes is like looking into deep pools of water and I can see that some day each one of them will change the world some how, that's just the kind of kids they are. Inspiring, then, even more amazing when she gave me his autographed, published copy for Christmas this year!! SELAH.....
Before I could crack the cover, The Sock Fashion Expert was devouring it and she gave it a 5 star review. She said it reminded her of Patricia St. John, who we love. When I finally pried the book away from her begrudgingly, I couldn't put it down either, and hid it when I wasn't near by for fear somebody else would start reading it - lol!! It was awesome and I have to agree one of the best novels published today that's out there. Its ASTOUNDING that JR Parker started writing it at age 15. He has a command of words that few can compare to, and depth to match. I was laughing and crying and not wanting to do much but find out what was going to happen next. Here's what I wrote for a review on Amazon :

Masterfully Written, A Tale You Can Sink Your Teeth Into!!
YOU WON'T REGRET BUYING THIS BOOK!! Its a fabulous tale that will keep you wrapped up in it until the very end. I hope he writes a sequel. The characters are compelling, the creatures are marvelous and the story has depth and truth interwoven through out it. JR Parker is sure to be one of tomorrows greatly celebrated literary icons.

You can order his book here on Amazon. Happy Reading!!


Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

Did he do the artwork on the cover too? I'm always impressed with those homeschooling moms too :-)

Becky said...

Very cool!

lovesunshine said...

I truly appreciate your kind words, though I must confess that most days I don't feel like I measure up that high. Just wanted to let Marcia (Blessedmom's Simple Home) know, the book cover was done by an artist who lives in Turkey.

Thanks for your wonderful review! I hope we run into each other again soon!

Kim P.

Sarbear♥ said...

Ohhhhh, this gives me sooooo much hope!!!!! ^_^ I really wanna read this now haha