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Thursday, January 13, 2011


AHHHHhhhh ohhhhh ahhhhh......... Oh, excuse me, I was just thinking about what a FABULOUS 5* Family Day this turned into :-)

After a long, busy night shift with abominable driving conditions, I came home to my husband who drove me up the drive way and had prepared a breakfast in bed to enjoy with me.

After a nice long nap, I got up to go snowboarding with the Fam, well all the boys anyway. Fun fun fun!! Even my husband came along while SFE watched Miss Moona. The weather was warm, and the same snow that angrily crafted such treacherous driving conditions, lovingly frosted the hillside making heavy wet marshmallow fluff to play in. It was so wonderful watching those boys (including my husband) do their crazy stunts while flying down the hill, all smiles, on their boards.

Though most of the pictures were blurred, I had fun taking them anyway. Each time I headed down, I biffed it!! I was really starting to wonder if i'd lost my feel for the elusive and hard earned carving rhythm, but I never quit trying.

Though I thought everybody would rush up the hill as fast as they could to go down again, they all seemed to already know that half the fun was seeing each other "go big" as they flew down the blustery hillside.

The Archer and My Man even tried navigating up and off of trees stumps!!! All the men of my family were hotter than snot out there ;-) It was crazy fun!!

After darkness had fully made her unwelcome appearance, we hiked out to the desolate road. My husband had the idea of trying to carve our way down the bowl part of the drive and I followed after him eagerly, never wanting the crazy fun to end. That's when it happened..... after several tough biffs in the dark, with a truck full of boys patiently waiting far below the basin, carving finally pulled her rhythm out of me once again. Probably because I wan't so hindered by the heavy snows. Oh it was rough and ungraceful, but it was still there within me after lying dormant all these long years. When I got to the bottom, the guys were patiently waiting all smiles and my husband pushed me board and all over to the oncoming truck teasing me about all my wooting...............
At home the smell of bacon welcomed us and we were to ravenously discover that our Beloved Sock Fashion Expert was waiting to make us personalized omelettes with all the fixings. There was also plenty of hot cocoa and her home made crescent rolls as well. She also had wisely turned up the hot tub. Gotta love that girl.............


Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

Your family has so much fun together. I love it!! While we're playing virtually, you're out there doing the real thing! Glad you found your carve rhythmn :-)

Amber said...

Sounds like a great time!

Mamma has spoken said...

I love that you still get out there and actually play in the snow! I would have killed my back with all that you did!

Mama Hen said...

Wow! I think it is wonderful your family enjoys being together so much. Ours does too. Minus the snow! :)

Anonymous said...

The family that plays {or prays} together stays together!!! You guys certainly enjoy the nature around you, whether it's a cool lake on a warm summer day or a hill full of snow!!

Heather said...

Oh, you deserve such a beautiful day considering how hard you work!!

Love your smile in that last picture. Hi to the fam! I'll call you soon.

baili said...

thanks for such a full of life experiences ,keep smiling always dear god bless


Breakfast in Bed! I'll have to have a talk with my wife and put in my order for tomorrow :-)

God bless and have a great week :-)