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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Voracious, Virtuous Vernacular

Days and Nights melt together into some kind of colorful conglomeration and rush along, a little bit like this river. Heavy loads of school books from several subjects and grades come along to work with me to correct and to assign. I come home in a zombie like state with bags of groceries and a crate of books ready to begin yet another week. I don't know if its virtuous or voracious but it has become my vernacular these days. I stopped on my way home early Sunday Morning and took these pics. I thought it might bring some clarity to the conglomeration and it did. It is good to be alive, ambulatory and awake.
The boys have been out and about "shredding snow" and carving like fiends down lonely, frosty hill sides. They begged "oh please please come with us" and I couldn't say "no". What boys age 19, 13 and 8 want their mom along with them?! Not many these days. Though I had just come in from running my first couple of miles in the past couple of months and I was soaked in sweat, I threw caution to the wind and tagged along. The hill side was so so beautiful it almost took my breath away. Watching the three zip down the hill side full of life and energy was a splendor all in its own. It didn't matter that the climb up each time was painstaking, nor that I had pushed past my limits before I'd ever reached the top of the hill the first time, gliding down on my snowboard was like being in my 20's again. "I must do that more often" I promised myself. Carving down and even falling leaf down the side of a hill is like poetry in motion, truly an art form.
I'm really excited about our possible excursion to the big city this coming weekend. I desperately need to do some shopping. I suspect the Sock Fashion Expert may feel as desperate to shop as i do. Should we make the journey, there is sure to be tales of adventure to follow..........


Heather said...

Love your pictures and your perspective.

Enjoy your trip, if you go!

Mamma has spoken said...

What beautiful pictures! I'm still sitting here in wonder: you went running and then when snow boarding. WOW you are wonderwoman!

Momma Bug said...

Yes YES, do DO! It will refresh your spirit (and make you ready to stay home for another long stretch! - I know how this goes)
Lovely pictures lovely lady.
It says a lot about you that your fellas like to have you around:-)

I hope you get a shred of rest in the near future.


Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

Do you have to go to the big city to do your grocery shopping too, or is there a place in the community?
How I love visiting your blog :-)

Becky said...

Ah, those gorgeous pictures!! Wishing you tons of fun on your shopping trip.

Mama Bear... .. . said...

You are lovely in this photo and the quiet of the snow is beautiful. Very adventurous woman you are!