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Saturday, January 15, 2011


Snuggling Kisses
My First Attempt at Crepes.

Art Dog Making Pretzels

Its been a pretty non-eventful weekend with the exception of us being stranded!! Really, its not all that bad. We stocked up as if preparing for "the big one" and settled in right before the horrible terrible sub zero temps set in. Then, suddenly, as if manic, the weather decided to snow like crazy followed by extremely warm temperatures. It all ended up in causing the road out to have a thick layer of smooth ice with a thin layer of water on top. The results - treacherous for driving, or walking on. Even my ice spikes seem to slide around on it, curtailing my running for the time being.
Yesterday was really when it all became evident. I'd gotten up before dawn to make some Martha Steward Crepes for our girls group. Actually, I'd started the batter the night before and then restarted it after spilling it all over the place. Exhausted, I'd drug myself out of bed, remembering I'd promised my friends the French dainties. After an hour or so, beautiful, paper thin crepes were rolled up with Nutella and Bananas and ready to be savored. Each of the kids woke up to them, and all had a different reaction to my new French recipe. Just when Miss Moona was dressed and ready to go, and bags were packed, I got the call. One of the husbands had been out on the road and turned around to tell her not to go. He said his vehicle was sliding sideways just trying to drive slowly. With that information, my husband didn't want me going out either, so we cancelled.
It was disappointing, since we haven't met for a long time, but better safe than sorry. Armed with determination, I packed up little bunches of crepes into tin foil and stuffed them into my back pack. After a quick devotions with the kids, and seeing them to their school, I donned some ice spikes and descended onto the treacherous road. I was glad I'd brought my ski poles to help me navigate as well.
I hiked all over delivering little foil packs of crepes to the neighbors. Most of them, being stranded as well, welcomed the crepes and the company. By the time my back pack was empty, it had been refilled with a couple of large jars of jelly I'd been gifted with and my heavy coat, as I had worked up quite a sweat! Surprisingly, I felt happy all day about the whole incident, and how well the improvising worked out.
Today, my husband told me he didn't think we would be getting out for church tomorrow. I'm wondering how long this temporary maroon is going to last. I guess I can't complain. At least the forest trails are somewhat navigable. Maybe tomorrow I'll try a longer hike. The temperature outside feels so good, almost like spring, but its just too icy everywhere to enjoy it much. The beastly ice drove me into the house and forced me a slave in the kitchen where I have been constructing bad (but good) feasts. Last night it was orange chicken, peas and twice baked potatoes with fizzy orange drinks. I'd never made twice baked potatoes before, so I demanded everybody sit at the table and act civilized as if we were dining on Chateaubriand or something. For lunch I made spaghetti with home made sauce and a gourmet salad. Art Dog made soft, chewy pretzels. Sock Fashion Expert has been pouring over all kinds of recipes. I fear this beastly ice may be in cahoots with Miss Belly Fat.


Mamma has spoken said...

Sorry, I was bad and laughed at your picture of the spilled batter. I hate when that happens and was glad it wasn't me.
I hope that you are able to get out soon. The weather is all mixed up here too in that we are having inseasonably cold weather and snow, lots and lots of snow. So much snow that it is the second snowest winter on record so far. The first was due to a blizzard.

DeanO said...

Looks like you had crepes everywhere...you know that those are the memories :)

Christine said...

Your stories always sound so "little house in the big woods-ish" love it.
Glad you got out to visit with your neighbors. Hope the roads clear soon.

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

It sounds like you're eating well, even if you are stranded. How does that work with your job...I'm wondering how anyone gets to the hospital?
Have a blessed Sunday there at home!

Mama Hen said...

What a great idea to share with your neighbors. And so sorry about the mess. Looks like my kitchen when I try something new.

Heather said...

Good for you for making lemonade out of your lemons! I'll bet your neighbors are sure glad you live nearby.

K requested to read your blog today and made me read slowly while she navigated the down arrow to reveal the next paragraphs. She is also talking about fishy crackers and K-cookies. (Miss Belly Fat likes those too I bet!)

Jake is making veggie curry tonight. He's been cooking up meals with tons of veggies--very healthy!

Sal said...

Can I have your recipe for orange chicken? I have tried to find one but no luck.