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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Being Virtuous Without Chickens

I frustrate myself to no end! Of course everybody is talking about the economy. "Blah blah blah economy" Everybody wants to talk about it. Everybody has ideas about what the future might hold. Most everybody likes to speculate. Well, that's where the chickens came in (or maybe they didn't).
I got to thinking that perhaps I should try having chickens. This foreign idea of chickens began to haunt me. Every time I thought about what I could do to be better prepared the idea of "chickens" came into mind. I began to wonder "is God telling me to buy chickens?" Soon I started voicing my thoughts. "That's it! One woman said "I'm buying chickens and maybe a cow too!" It seems like everybody (around me) is doing something virtuous. Somebody is growing chickens. Others have big gardens. These virtuous and ambitious attributes seem to be following many of my friends. I would be going right along with them except for one problem......
The problem (or maybe the solution) is my husband. Today we went for a walk. I told him again that I was thinking about chickens. He tried to conceal a smile. I rehearsed my idea of growing chickens. It sounded painfully familiar. Just like the time I approached him with Goats, a cow, horses and a dog. None of those ideas flew. He reminded me that chickens tie people down. He reminded me about how busy I am. He reminded me of all the reasons that I really don't want chickens. Then he reminded me that I am virtuous without chickens. He reminded me that I have a good career where I can go away for a night once every so often and bring home a good income. He said that that was better than chickens. I guess he's right. He always seems to be the voice of reason in my life.
Today on my way to work I continued to contemplate chickens. I still felt in a way like I was being left out. Everybody gets to have chickens except me. Everybody has big gardens. They all know how to make them grow. I try to garden every year and fail miserably. Many times my husband reminded me that I am still virtuous.
Today when I got to work the nurse who reported off to me handed me a badge that said "charge nurse". I looked it as if it might bite me. A lump formed in my throat and I wondered "what person in their right mind would want me for the hospital supervisor tonight?". I worked like crazy taking care of many different patients with many different needs. I identified serious problems. I made good decisions. After a few hours I realized (once again) that I actually do do a good job. I remembered that I am, indeed virtuous.
At a glance, It may look as though I am ranting without purpose, however this is not the case. The truth is, I'm a lousy gardener. My goldfish need a psychologist to put up with me. I am much too busy to give chickens the care they need. The virtuous woman doesn't neglect her duties by taking on new tasks she can't handle. Maybe you've been there. Maybe you're a little jealous like me. Maybe you too have been coveting chickens. Well, just remember that you have special gifts all your own. Nobody else can do what you can do. Every woman should embrace her individuality and bloom in the gifts God has given her. Next time the women are talking chickens I will probably pout for a short bit but then I will smile because I know my husband thinks I'm virtuous anyway.


Heather said...

Excellent post, outdoor.mom! I loved your sentence, My goldish need a psychologist to put up with me!

I agree with you that we're all uniquely gifted. I appreciate who you are and love being with you!

I'll call you soon. :)

Anonymous said...

So true so true.
We all have our talents.

Anonymous said...

Mae gonavan. I like your changes, too! I am really glad you like my blog, too! :)

Lisa Petrarca said...

Thanks for stopping by my Blog. I think we have a lot in common...I always come up with"great" ideas too, which my husband quickly brings me back down to reality.

I get angry with him at first, but I know he is right.

-Ana- said...

I hear you! I want it all but
I have to constantly remind myself that not everything was meant for me. BTW, my aunt had chickens and they ARE a lot of work. Be glad, you don't have any!

PS>Good luck with the 2 month sugar fast!

Molly said...

Hey thanks for stopping by my blog. I love this post. Ha ha I want chickens too, I grew up on a small farm. But now my hubby and I live in a development that doesn't allow farm animals & they don't let you paint your house crazy colors. Yeah one of those neighborhoods. Anyways, We all have a special purpose from God. And you are a nurse, that is awesome! My mom was a nurse, we need people like you guys to take care of all of us when we are sick. :) Thank you.