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Sunday, March 29, 2009

withdrawl and every crazy manner of commotion

1. Someone (who may be pictured here) broke my chandelier while I was away. Anybody know how to replace the glass? 2. Gleeful archery graduate (midweek) - my son Artdog. 3. Brothers at practice.

I am now a proud graduate of "Bow Hunters Education" along with my 3 eldest children, some men and many small boys. This weekend my husband had a table at a large gun show while I spent the weekend shopping and getting myself into trouble.
It all started with our accountability group last week. We read chapter 2 of Shaunti Feldhams "For Women Only". It had to do with showing our husbands respect. I decided I was going to start trying to please, impress and show respect to my man. This has not worked out very well for me.
The last day of Bow hunters Education, I was very proud to have scored 100% on my written test. I was just sure my husband would be thoroughly impressed. These kinds of interests have come by me hard - just read my account of how I shot my first buck (back in November). Anyway, I was quite gleeful. I even stopped to clean out the car before we began our hour long drive home up into the remote location where we abide. I figured since it really bothers him to have a dirty car this would give me extra credit. I was just ready for him to feel respected and impressed.
As I happily drove home with a big smile on my face feeling giddy, I noticed that home was getting close. We were all so excited talking about the coming weekend and the end of classes. Suddenly as I took a drink of water out of my water bottle the Tundra started sliding all over and ended up in the ditch! We dug in the cold snow for quite some time but couldn't unearth the beast. Eventually we gave up and the boys built a small fire on either side of the truck as a warning to anyone coming down the road. Nobody came except for my husband who had a big frown on his face and told me I was driving too fast. It was midnight or later, he was tired and certainly not impressed.
It didn't get much better as time wore on. While shopping (and even not spending much money), a fiendish pole happened to jump out at me while backing up, attacking our Suburban with out provocation. It crumpled the back corner without my realization. I figured it hadn't hit hard enough to do anything. I was just sure he would be happy I hadn't spent much money and I didn't even ask to eat out any where expensive. I just smiled and said "whatever you want dear". Later on when I dropped him off somewhere he had a horrible look on his face. Then the realization hit me, there had to be damage to the car. Enough damage for him to notice as I was driving away. Ug!! Strike two.
As the weekend wore on, I began to lose the hope that I would improve in my wifely abilities at all. It seems like every time I try, something catastrophic happens! I even pouted once or twice (which I am really trying hard not to do)!
Possibly I may attribute these calamities to my week long coffee fast. Tomorrow is my last day on it. This also may explain why I imagined myself as a Lord of the Rings elf doing acrobatics on the tables of our bow hunters education class.


"Indescribable" said...

Wow - all that on a week when you're being good... imagine if you weren't trying to be good how horrible it all would have been....

I love the How do be a good wife books. I'm reading Stormie O'Martian's book, The Power of a Praying Wife. I started it about a year or so ago - it only has 30 short chapters (one a day) and I've been on chapter 18 for about a year or more... in fact I think I borrowed that book from someone... I need to finish it so I can be that good wife I'm supposed to be... Hang in there - and don't forget, 'yes dear, what ever you say dear!'

outdoor.mom said...

very good advice - thanks ;-)

Molly said...

"For Women Only" is a great book. Friends of ours gave us the set.
Sounds like the trouble I get myself into. God's grace gets us through it all. He is so faithful. I just prayed for you, and I will continue to pray for you and your family.

Heather said...

This has happened to me, too! It must just be a sign of our human nature that even when we try to do right, we end up making mistakes. Thanks goodness God works through us, and sends His Spirit to help us!