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Monday, March 16, 2009

A Proud Reader (and happy mom)

Catman showing off his newly acquired reading prowess.


Anonymous said...


Emma T said...

Please tell Karsten that was really cool.

-Emma T

Heather said...

Kardelen and Sofia loved watching you read, Karsten! Bia loved the cat and the duck in the story.

Awesome job, catman!

Does a catman usually read about cats?

Mama Bear... .. . said...

i love to see children reading. holding books in their little hands, especially.

thanks for sharing.

Molly said...

That was precious! Hearing a child read, is such a joy. :)

Anonymous said...

Mission Impossible! (I can play that on the piano :)
That is so cool! He's adorable!

outdoor.mom said...

thanks for all the encouragement :-) I will read these comments to him.