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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Terrible, Horrible, Deceptive - Wha ha ha ha

I have wanted to buy this book for quite some time. I happened to come across it at Ross on Monday and couldn't resist its purchase. The idea is the same, except more elaborate. Often times, I use my mini chopper to pulverize things that are good which my children refuse to eat. I hide it in foods they like (much to their horror). When my daughter discovered this diabolical book, she sat on the couch, shook her head (possibly in fear) and kept saying "it won't work". She's afraid, very afraid of the endless possibilities.............

You too may be interested in tormenting your kids with these unthinkable, conniving deeds. Here it is at Amazon.


"Indescribable" said...

First let me tell you that my cousin introduced me to this book YESTERDAY! YIPPIE! My children say "no, everything, no!" They actually say that! (before they even taste it)

Secondly, my sister - the scientist, said that people need to eat something 12 - 17 times before they acquire a taste for it and adding pureed foods that kids wont eat to foods that they will eat is one way to get them to acquire tastes for the good things we want them to eat - SO YOU'RE ONTO SOMETHING SISTER! (and your daughter should be afraid, very afraid b/c she knows she'll be eating yummy food that is also healthy)

Anonymous said...

Quite the brilliant book!

outdoor.mom said...

wha ha ha ha!! from your carrot post, it sounds like you are making headway!

-Ana- said...

Ha ha! Great idea that book.
I don't have kids but I want it for myself=)