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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Educational OVERLOAD

Here i am receiving a crash course in archery from eldest 4 children.

I'm currently on an educational overload!! It all started after working those 2 12-hour shifts. I had an 8 hour "Non Violent Crisis Intervention" class. It was very interesting. I learned that I want to create "harmony not harm" when someone is displaying violent tendencies toward me at work. I learned that instead of offering folks coffee (like I have for untold eons), herbal tea is a better choice for those experiencing anxiety. I learned not to invade their personal space (which is called proxemics). Also, how I say things is only 30% of what I am saying. How I use tone, speed (cadence), and volume along with nonverbal body language is important in conveying my message. I also learned cool moves to get out of holds and how to do a "take down". It was fun (but a long day).

I attended a 3-4 hour required class yesterday for my concealed weapons permit. It was held in a windowless building for Masons. My instructor was a nice elderly gentleman in his 80's. His wife is a 40 year old Filipino lady who popped in a couple of times. They are also adopting her niece who is now 6. He shared his frustrations about his daughters green card/adoption process. He told me stories of his yesteryear. He showed me some basics of gun handling and safety. He also let me play with his gun that has a laser on it. Other than being cooped up in a windowless building with space heaters aimed at me, it was alright. I also watched some old videos about shooting and cleaning guns. The characters were some what entertaining because they had 70's style clothes and hair styles and the TV looked to be from that era as well.

Then I sat for an hour looking at a dark window in the sheriffs office. Occasionally a very short woman would come out behind a locked door to direct me to the next paper item I was to fill out. To my right were windows and phones for incarcerated people to speak with the outside world. Sitting for an hour in this creepy environment caused my imagination much distress. When at last I was called by the fingerprint people, they were both visibly shaking. There was loud obscenities in the background. Apparently something adrenaline pumping had just gone on in the cells. They told me everything had gone wrong that day. They made obvious mistakes and printed out 5 or 6 cards with my fingerprints on it before they got the one they wanted. I can only wonder what must have happened just prior to my arrival in the locked facility. I am told I will not receive my permit until May.

Next, I began the first day of a five day class on "Bow Hunters Education". Why? Well, mostly for my kids. The oldest 3 are taking the class. I figured it would be something we could do together. They have all already read their books and filled out their questions in the back. They answered intelligent answers in class. My son "Art Dog" was even likened to a surgeon with his specific placement of a buck's liver. I feel a bit intimidated (by my own children)! Because of this, I am forced to study. Perhaps I, too can be a capable, mature, responsible archer. Time will only tell. As we all went around the room discussing why we wanted to be bow hunters I felt the strange unruly desire to tell them that I wanted to be like the elf guy on "Lord of the Rings". I resisted this urge as I got a warning look from my children. Pray I can pull this off and keep my imagination in check.


"Indescribable" said...

was your instructor really 80 years old married to a 40 year old phillipo women adoption their 6 year old neice? Oh I have to go get a cup of peppermint tea and think on that one....

"Indescribable" said...

ok so I killed the spelling of philippines
and now I said killed
I may need another cup of herbal tea - like the kind with coffee beans and milk too!

Anonymous said...

Cool! I"m taking archery, too!
My dad just bought me a recurve bow (really cool! It just came in the mail today but I"m waiting to open it with my dad!)

Heather said...

I agree--Legolas was a pretty mean archer! Who wouldn't want to be like him?

Molly said...

Wow, You go girl! That is so cool.

Anonymous said...

you're like super mom
I'm always amazed at what you can do with your little bit strapped to your back
you're an inspiration!

LadyFrey said...

I think it is neat of you to spend time with your kids in this way! I hope to take a hunters safety course with my kids when they are old enough. (Or just attend with them, if I have taken it before then) =)