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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Working Mom Blues and the case of the diaper no one changed

Well, you guessed it, I'm at work again. Yep, two 12 hour shifts in a row. I wish I could say that I'm being productive, but since you are reading this, you may presume I am not. Really, I promise if a patient doesn't come soon I will watch an educational video, really I will.
Today when I got off from work, my husband arrived in a warm truck to drive me home (which takes over an hour). Moonbeam got a good meal and I was soon gone to the world. When I got home, I handed the sock fashion expert the baby and hit the shower. Later, after I woke up, I came to discover Moonbeam playing with my hair. Something putrid was wafting to my nostrils. Upon further investigation, I was horrified to discover that the muffin had not been changed since the night prior. My husband thought I changed her when he picked me up. My daughter thought someone else did it. I was too sleepy to really think about it. Oh, I felt terrible. She didn't seem to mind much. Before I could get the baby wipes, she had flipped over and was trying to squirm toward a toy with messy bottom in the air. No diaper rash - whew! A mom never knows what horrors she will unearth after returning home from work.
I have been quite distraught. Dr. Toast ambled through with good coffee beans yesterday (and even half and half). He said "here's some good coffee" as he held it in the air, well aware of the extatic shouts of joy that would erupt around him). Later on, I sauntered into the kitchenette to brew the joe only to discover that it had gone AWOL!!! No one knew what happened to it. I searched high and low and even harassed co-workers. No one knows what happened to it. Again, tonight I searched in vain for the beloved beans. Again I am drinking what has been described as the "dregs" of the coffee of the planet. Do not pity me, I must carry this cross until morning. My mind plays tricks on me. I feel suspicious of "the other side" workers. Perhaps one of them fiendishly apprehended the good beans. Oh for the travesty, the terrible horrible dastardly deed. I must not be suspicious. I must hold myself together. Perhaps a spot of tea would do me better.
Well, my educational video is calling my name. It sounds a lot like wisdom calling me a kinds woman and understanding sticking to my fingers like goo. I'm one of those simple passers by and it is calling out saying "outdoor mom, watch the video, you are being paid to be here (not blog)." If you happen to read this before 6am, pray I will not randomly hurl myself at suspicious looking joe thieves. Thank you!


"Indescribable" said...

ok, wait a minute - the doc came by with great coffee, disappeared and then there was no great coffee to find? What's up with that? Check to see if there is a hidden camera.....
testing of your lust for the joe... .(I fail in that dept)

Ruthie Girl said...

As long as there is no diaper rash, no harm, no foul.

I love watching the man take care of the kids while I am at work.

"Indescribable" said...

wait - again, I'm feeling ripped off... no pics of the baby?

and what does Ruthie mean "watch the man take care of the kids" does she have a daddy cam?

Heather said...

hope you'll live without the coffee. . .the things you have to do in life, right?!

Love your new background! you must have figured it out.

jenX67 said...

Hello! I came over to have a look around. YOu have a nice blog. I love that pic of the man of your dreams kissing baby.

I've had many working mom blues. Too many to count, so I whispered a prayer for you. I hope God hears it today, takes it under consideration and you get an unexpected soemthing wonderful.

Love, Jen

outdoor.mom said...

you guys are too funny :-) thanks for the awesome comments!