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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Recently, Speaking

Just in case your wondering, the volley ball was a lot of fun. It was a day for intense work outs. In the morning, Kiree the neighbor girl and I ran and walked almost 3 miles. That night, we played 2 1/2 hours of intense volleyball. I was REAL SORE when it was over. I also pulled a muscle while running and hitting a ball over the net. Yes, you heard right. I did, in fact, get the ball over the net several times. I was soon to discover that nobody played flawlessly and that as long as I was making an attempt, I was keeping up just fine with every body else. That morning I was reminded that all of us are a little nervous doing something new with girls we don't know. We're all a little self conscious. We're all in it together. OK, I know, I know, none of them had big bad boogie balls bouncing in their heads, yes, in that I was alone.
My daughter hasn't been in too many group sportsy things. Since she was fairly new to this stuff, generously I offered to not play Toby Mac for a week (whom I love and she does not) if she could hit the ball over the net while in play. She was pretty motivated and all the women loved it when she finally made it. The next time I upped the stakes. I told her if she did it again, she could play as much Pillar as she wanted all week AND I couldn't tell her to turn it down. The women loved that one! They all tried hard to give her ample easy shots (much to my feigned displeasure). Finally, I agreed to no Supertones for a week. As you might guess, I have put away my favorite pop Cd's and am currently being graced with the tune of "The Original Superman" or whatever the name of the latest playing Pillar song is. Due to this week long intrusion of sound in my home, I am in need of a mental diversion, hence my latest post.
Kiree the neighbor girl played great. She surprised me with her determination and power. Mist was like a hurricane. She knows how to do that fancy air jumping, power packed spike stuff. It was fun to watch. I have renamed my friend Hazel, "Elasta - Woman" because she was all over the place. With her long muscular frame, she could about be or stretch to anywhere to make contact with the ball. Silverbell could hit pretty powerfully from way back. It was even a bit of a novelty to come home with a "pulled muscle". Since I'm not known for my athletic endeavors, "a pulled muscle" made me sound kinda, well, sportsy. Moonbeam and the other children all survived.
Now that our old trampoline is up, the kids have been having a lot of fun on it. As you can see, my kid, "Art Dog", is pretty incredible! I have daily warned them that living on top of a tall hill is not an ideal place for a trampoline to be. I am praying nobody falls off and goes rolling down the hill - ug. I guess I'd better pray and assign double angel duty for that big toy.
Tonight is Bible Study night here. My Son, The Archer, is off at Wild land Fire Fighter Class. How exciting, my oldest baby is a grown up man.


Walking on Sunshine... said...

Seems like you had fun! Can't believe you ran that much and then played volleyball! Happy for your daughter with her win! Have never heard of Pillar! I am so out of it!! Enjoy your day!

Becky said...

Glad to hear the volleyball went well except for the pulled muscle. Enjoy your vacation from the Supertones...lol ;-)

Toni said...

great you enjoyed playing, impressed you can run that much and still move:-)And kudos for you for finding a great way to motivate your daughter and for upholding your end of the deal.

Who are the Pillars anways- I have no clue who anyone is anymore:-)