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Thursday, June 11, 2009

too old, too grey to lie

The Days have begun to go by at lightening bolt speed. Its summer and I am free from Home School these days. Gone are the mornings of getting up early to have to get a head start in school and devotions. They have been replaced with getting up early to go running, devotions and who knows what else. I'm just as busy as I was during the school year, but in different ways.
Ministry opportunities never cease to come. There has been a real unity among our women's group. Bible Study nights at our home have been rich. Once every month or two my husband speaks at our little community church. He has gotten a lot of positive feedback from those Sundays. I've been spending a lot of time with Kiree, the neighbor girl as well. Her mom has been ill for a long time. In the last month, Kiree's mom has broken bones twice. Kiree spends a lot of time caring for her. This is why its been so good for Kiree to spend time with our zany family. She gets out for fun and we all enjoy her company.
Now for what I have been dying to tell you all about! Recently I found out about a dynamic missionary type conference a few hours away. Immediately, I started making plans to invite my friends and take some of my kids. My husband put a stop to all of my enthusiasm reminding me that we didn't have good enough tires or a good enough budget to do this. Just when I thought it wasn't going to happen, my friend Elasta Woman volunteered to drive. She has new tires and good gas mileage. Though my husband was quite skeptical about my being able to go somewhere "cheaply", he is fully persuaded that Goat Girl and Elasta Woman can. He was getting a good laugh out of the idea of these women helping me to cheaply go. I didn't care because I thought he was going to buy it. Well would you believe, just as his heart was softening I got an email from the organizers only to find out that I was disqualified from going due to my age?! That's right! The conference is targeted for ages 18-30. They emailed me to tell me that ONLY ages 18-30 may go. I began to imagine drastic measures. A bottle of hair dye, some pig tails and teenie bopper clothes flashed in my mind. Surely with a little dye I could pass for 30! Elasta Woman laughed "What are they going to do? Card you at the door?" The idea of lieing to get into a Christian Conference where you are supposed to grow in your relationship with God seems like an oxymoron. Because of this, I have gallantly volunteered to watch Elasta Womans baby so she and Goat Girl can go together. Yes, there is a 30 something woman holding a bottle of hair dye and teenie bopper clothes throwing a temper tantrumn inside my brain. "Too old" she is yelling as she kicks and screams. The good news is that with her in there, there is no further room for big bad boogie balls. My husband has gotten quite a kick out of my not being in "the target range". He reminded me that there will be other conferences at other times and that fuming about such a thing will do me no good. Despite my chronic immaturity, I was smart enough to stay married to a wise man.


Molly @ Star Cottage said...

Awesome. I love your inner brat. I say that lovingly. I love the images you give and your honesty in your writing and in your heart. There was a college and carreers group @ uor church that we just recently stopped going to, because we are too old. :( They didn't give us the boot, we just started feeling old and the cutoff is 30 so we bowed out gracefully. We might pop in for a visit sometime just to say hi and encourage the younger kids. ;)
We should start our own club.

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Well at least you're not too old to blog!! Funny story, trying to sneak into a missions conference! How sweet of you to include a neighbor girl into your family. Especially when she's had a hard time lately with her mom not well! Enjoy the day and the freedom from studies!!

Me said...

Oh, yeah!!! That vampire-child is SSSSOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!
How come you didn't tell me b4?

from Minnesota said...

How come your house always looks so very clean in your pictures? Care to come over here?

toytrkman said...

Well dear, I'm still older.