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Sunday, June 21, 2009

under my nose

Its a good thing that I recently posted on "Being a True Friend" because I would find that I was in need of hearing my own message!!

If you are not a woman (or girl) you are reading this at your own risk. This posting is for females only! If you are easily offended, well its not for you either.

That said, I will tell you my version of our community pig roast. Every year about this time, Narley Gilson (I have named him this because he's a really cool guy) puts on a pig roast. Narley digs a big pit and cooks a pig. All the neighbors show up with a pot luck dish and play volleyball, horse shoes and congregate. In early years, I had missed this event. This was partly due to my phobia of people and partly because I worried that I wouldn't fit in well being a non partying type of gal. Later, I realized that both ideas were rubbish and joined in the fun. Unfortunately, my volley ball skills were not up to par. I made all kinds of embarrassing mistakes with the entire community as spectators. With each game, I thought maybe I'd shake the bad playing, but on the contrary, it worsened.
The first game I stepped on an older man's shoe while trying to get the ball. I almost ran into him. On the next game, I almost hit the ball, but accidentally missed and it hit me in the boob. Had I been flat chested, it wouldn't have been so bad. If you have ever read "Super Boob Woman To the Rescue", you will understand that while I am nursing, I am anatomically challenged. Eventually, it began to dawn on me that quite possibly I wasn't going to be improving my game that day. Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, I missed the game point of the very last game. Oh the agony! I ask myself why I need to play at these events. Why not just watch? I have this energy that needs to be expended somehow. If only I could just channel it in a little more talented direction.
My friend Mist, however, played like a hurricane. She was voted "most talented player". She made such amazing shots that we all were shocked and awed by her incredible talent. Graciously she lied and said "you played good". I don't know how she kept a straight face, but hey, she loves me anyway. My husband loves me with a more brutal kind of love. He didn't comment, though I fished heavily. This was enough to know that he wasn't going to lie and he knew better than to say anything else.
A lot of things go on around me, unknowns to me. These things can happen right under my nose. These things include fast moving volley balls, and messes in random rooms of my house. The other day I was informed that our son, Catman, was picking his nose during prayer. I asked him why he was picking his nose while we were praying. He said "that's the only time that people don't yell at me to stop". Yes, even bugger picking goes on unknowns.
The pig roast was incredible fun. The man above in the blue apron is the legendary "Narley Gilson". The volley ball server is my friend "Silver Bell". Today I did the missions report in church. I feared people would point and whisper "bad player", but nobody did. They all smiled (possibly hiding their snickers). After that, we attended a birthday party barbecue. It was a very busy day. I went running tonight to debrief from it all. Perhaps its best that things are going on underneath my nose without my knowledge. After all, knowledge can be burdensome.


Anonymous said...

You live in a cool community, you are lucky!

toytrkman said...

Yes, I would have to say that we live in about the best community a person could find. Not perfect, but close. My neighbors are all odd, just as I am, but we seem to get along decently. And you didn't play that bad. I wasn't that great either.

Toni said...

what a great neighborhood to do this every year, that just helps build a great community feeling for everyone.

I can not play volleyball at all, so kudos to you for trying at least. And no one cares if you miss the ball they are all having fun too:-0

Walking on Sunshine... said...

I would find it a little intimidating as well! Glad you're adjusting and enjoying the fun! Love volleyball!

Molly @ Star Cottage said...

What a blast. Sounds like a fun neighborhood.
I too, am very terrible @ volley ball; and it's embarrasing, so I watch. @ least you get out there and give it a whirl.