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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

creepy crawly conspiracy and the miracle pack

Bugs are out to get me. I just know it!

If I wasn't in my right mind I would say that they are conspiring together! Not only did I suffer a terrible tale of woe from my last blog entry, where I accidentally inserted a big fat white squiggling worm into my mouth, but now the plot thickens......
I have been a swimming maniac. I am closing in on my big swim (only 10 days away) and so I have been out in the water a lot. For the past 4 days I have come home with none other than "Swimmers Itch" which turns out to be bugs!! Yes, after it nailed me twice I knew it was no coincidence. I asked the Dr. I was working with what it could be. He looked it up on line for me. Turns out, if you don't dry off right away the bugs burrow into your skin to try and reproduce. They don't (thank heavens), but despite their demise, they cause a red, rashy spot. Four times now, I've looked down and found patches of my skin bleeding for no apparent reason. Then there is a raised area and rash. Finally it dries out and slowly heals. I now have 4 patches of swimmers itch at varying stages. I also have several other assorted bug bites from hiking through the woods to and from the lake every day. The appearance of it all almost seems comical. To add insult to injury, I was baking up a storm for our upcoming departure and burned my self on the arm.
Now that I have fully briefed you on the secret plot of insects to bug me, I will tell you a very happy praise report. About a month ago, we made our first trip to Wal mart in 2-3 months. It was certainly a record for our family! I had a list of things I wanted with a frugal look in my eye. I could hardly believe my fortune when I found a very cute back pack for $15. My friend and co-worker, "Nurse Happy Sunny Day" has one just like it. Oh I was so excited. All the way home I kept thinking about how nice it would be to hike with. After unloading the Suburban, putting away groceries and cooking dinner, I decided to slip away to the lake. Low and behold and boo and hoo, the back pack had not made it home. I was pretty deflated after I called Wal mart and nobody had turned it in. I decided to pray and put the matter in Gods hands. Yes, I know its a silly thing to get disappointed over a $15 back pack, but I was sure tempted. Any way, each time I thought about it, I just put it back in Gods hands. Doubt shouted rudely in my ear "Like God is really going to get you a back pack". I did the "tra la la la la I can't hear you" thing. Then, a week or so ago, I worked with "Nurse Happy Sunny Day". This bubbling Buddhist chick is just so neat. She runs marathons and races and such. Currently she's working on a triathelon. I told her the story of my copy cat back back. Hers sat in the report room. I could almost hear it saying "yeah you could have had one like me, too bad!" Then it gave me the raspberries. I'm not sure why inanimate objects like to talk with me, but I try not to encourage it.
Anyway, the other day "Nurse Happy Sunny Day" came up to swim with me. I made a big lunch with home made marinara and linguine, garlic cheese toast, salad, and my daughters famous chocolate chip cookies. It was so much fun to have her. Anyway, I was stunned and shocked to have her walk in the door with a brand new miracle pack. Just the same as the one I'd lost. I feel such awe I almost get goose bumps when I wear it.


Anonymous said...

That is so cool, I recently went through all those emotions when my Bible was left in another church's van, several hours away. It took a week to recover it, like you everytime I thought about it I just sent it up to God, He was looking for my devotion and I was in His will, it was cool.
You'll love this, our oldest super cool amazing daughter is going on a hiking campout with the group of folks her age who've been selected as leaders for the youth next year. Um, no potties, no sink, no hot water, a mountain chilled lake and oh, yes, creepy crawly things; it's one of those times where I wish I were, in this case a fly on a tree, 'cause she's city girl through and through! I'll be giving that report next week when she returns.

Walking on Sunshine... said...

What a sweet story! And you must really love swimming because if I had that problem, I think I'd give it up! Or at least find a pool! Hope your swim goes well!

from MN said...

May your swim go well. I admire your tenacity to be even willing to swim for 2 hours or so. Now a good, long walk- well, that I could handle! We will be cheering you on here from MN.

Anonymous said...

You are sooo boring

Becky said...

Thanks for sharing the story. It is stories like these that show how personal our Father really is. So much love! BTW, you look good in your weigh in picture. Maybe you have not lost any weight, but I am sure you in great shape with all your exercise.