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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wednesday Weigh In (not a min too soon)

Wednesday Weigh In

i'm not quite remembering everything i was supposed to put down for this post, but i will try and wing it.........

pounds lost : 5.8 since july 1st

photo : uhhh... well i'm at work so that is my excuse, but i will come up with one in the near future

motivation : my open water swim is a mere 2 weeks away! some people are saying they might come and cheer me on (the image of myself far behind the other swimmers hauntingly goads me on). oh the humiliation!

successes : i've been doing some kind of daily exercise. i've been eating less sugar. i've been better about controlling the midnight munchies. i dueled with Miss Belly Fat today over bringing mac cheese to work and much to her displeasure a salad and soup accompanied me.


Blessings each day said...

Thanks for dropping in...will say a little prayer that the pounds you want to lose keep dropping too (an area I REALLY need to tackle myself).

Your children are just darling!

blessings on you and yours always,


Sunshine Mama said...

I love your post, 5.8? Good job. I just started my diet nine days ago. How much are you trying to drop?

The snackie munchies are the worst. I like how you got into a fight with your belly fat.:) I have those fights too.

Thanks for visiting.

Toni said...

I seriously need a diet too, I am so unmotivatied too. But after a weigh in sort of on my moms scale last week, I am still in shock and need to get my act together.What plan ar eyou using or are you just cutting back on htings and exercising more?

Sarah Dawn said...

Such a joy to meet you. Found you via a friend. So glad I did. Celebrating with you in your weight loss and victory!

Hugs from this missionary mommy,
Sarah Dawn