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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wednesday Weigh in (a day late)

I decided to join the Wednesday Weigh In with Ramblings of a Crazy Mom

Here are the things i'm supposed to do.

1. Pounds Lost : None. I don't seem to be losing weight, but i'm pretty sure i'm gaining muscle. Either that, or possibly an obese cartoon character such as Fat Albert himself has taken up residence in my hollow leg. I'm holding at 131 on my scale and 138.2 on the hospital one - wahhh and double waahh!!

2. Struggles : Wanting to eat all the time!! Wanting to stuff bites of misc things in my mouth - kids left overs, something some one dropped on the floor, whatever. At work there was this plate of cookies and I only ate one and then told the Ward Clerk to put them on her desk. This is quite contrary to the other me "Miss Belly Fat" who would be trying to con me into hiding some of the cookies off the plate for future hours in the shift!!
3. Something I Incorporated this week : I've been journaling food and writing down the days left to the open water long distance swim I've been training for. I'm hoping that as I see how quick the time is going by I'm motivated to exercise and eat less. I'm also drinking water like its.... well....water and trying to be more prayerful about what i am eating.

4. i will be praying for everybody. i was happy that today i swam the perimeter of the lake that i live by twice for the first time ever. to complete the swim in the allotted time period i have to keep working to increase my speed and endurance. the swim is about 3x the perimeter of the lake in distance. I diligently watched for leeches, imaginary water creatures and the lockness monster. i got some prescription goggles i am really excited about except that now i can see so good...that its a little unnerving.


Toni said...

your brave to do a weigh in, I know what I am hitting and its just so sad . I am in denial that I have gained what I have since I met my hubby:-)Last week at church I mentioned casually to the sunday school teacher I was going to work on losing weight and toning up and after sunday school she sends home the left over chips ahoys- like i really needed them- . They called my name all day. I had the kids go outside and eat them.

Ramblings of a Crazy Mom said...

Good job on your first Wednesday Weigh in Post! I give you credit for swimming in a lake that could possible have unknown creatures, leeches and the lockness monster. I would have to swim with my eyes closed!

toytrkman said...

I've heard tales of fish bigger than a man in there. Of course, that might be a very small man. Its too deep to see the bottom in a lot of the lake so who knows what lurks down in the depths. However, if something was going to snack on you, it would have been better off getting you when you were a bit more plump.