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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Family Canoe and Hero of the Shoe

I was just a little bit hilariously happy when I saw my husband looking over a map when I dragged myself out of bed this morning. I just had that feeling that today might be the day! For quite some time, we had been discussing a family trip on the river. After a big breakfast and hurriedly throwing some snacks into zip lock bags, we embarked on the grand adventure.
We started by driving our canoe, kayak and a neighbors borrowed canoe to a place up river. After dawning life jackets on Moonbeam and Cat man, we braved some initial fast waters. We didn't get far before the fast water flipped Sock Fashion Expert. Gallantly, The Archer jumped in with no thought for his own dry clothes and rescued her speeding shoe. Then he helped her drain out the water and get back a float. The only casualty of the occurrence was her bag of almonds. As we continued on, every so often, we would see an almond floating down river as reminder of the event.
We stopped for Moonbeam to play on a sandbar while the boys fished. The boys found a decaying beaver and cut off its skull - yuck! Giant fish swam around below. Just as we embarked again we saw 2 moose lazily enjoying the refreshing water.
We stopped in the shade of a private bridge. Then we arrived at a spot not far from home just as the wind picked up and the river slowed down. We waited in the grass while The Archer went to get our truck. It was a wonderful day!

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Anne Marie said...

we love going canoeing.......it's so relaxing and fun (without the humm of an engine - kind of like sailing is)

thanks for stopping by! I had fun looking through your adorable pictures of you and your girls and your adventures......we have quite a bit in common that way -
I love love love spending time with my kids and hiking.......