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Friday, July 31, 2009

Did Somebody Say "Diaper Duty"!?

Here is rare footage of something I found when I returned home from swim training the other day!! Yes, my 18 year old had been elected to do "dirty diaper duty"!

Tomorrow is my big day! My first ever athletic experience - a 1.76 mile open water swim!! I will for sure be blogging all about it.

Soon I will also be posting about my recent visit from my aunt and family. I have lots of fun photos from that too :0)


"Indescribable" said...

Enjoy your athletic experience! I will be thinking of you tomorrow! Don't over think it - ENJOY your accomplishments, you deserve a big cherry pie, no, never mind a big hot cup of real good coffee, no forget that! How about a big ice cream sundae?

You shouldn't have to lift a finger at home for at least 2 days.... your support team should take care of all the ongoing chores (cooking, cleaning, diaper changing.. oh I see you've got them in training too!)

Prairie Chick said...

girl, be proud! Your son is awesome and you are going to rock in the water! I'm proud of you!!! Here's little old me trying to walk/job my way through 3 miles out here on the wide open prairies... you inspire me!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the swim today! Your son will make a great Daddy someday! What great training for him.