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Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Archers Graduation Celebration Cake

Today I read the missionary report in church. After that, I shared a little about my eldest son. I told the church how my son is an incredible mountaineer. How he has had experiences with every kind of predator in our area. I told them how he hears God when he is out there. Like the time he didn't go into a spot where God told him not to go. Later a Grizzly Bear came out from there. I told them about how he selflessly carried our baby to the remote lake (see below story) and back. How he has pulled me up the drive way to get out for work. He's just an incredible man altogether. He's been home schooled from Kindergarten to 12th grade. He scored high marks on his GED. He will be 18 next month. The church applauded him. He turned a little red.
Mist made this incredible cake for us to celebrate with. It was sooo good. Women came to sell vegetables outside the church in the parking area. They had some cake with us too.


Heather said...

Yay! Congrats, Archer.

We're proud of all of you. :)

Molly @ Star Cottage said...

You are truly blessed to have such a wonderful son. But I'm sure alot of that has to do with the fact that you are a wonderful mom and he has seen your love for the Lord first hand ;) Congrats! And What a cool cake! Sounds like Misty is an awesome friend.

Mama Bear... .. . said...

what a great story and testament. i admire you for being able to homeschool so faithfully. it looks like it has paid off. what a inspiration. i struggle with "can i really do this?" all the time. my daughter is 3 1/2 and we are starting to what she likes to call "do school" at home and she loves it. i guess i need to keep praying about it.

Rubies Girls said...

That is one amazing beautiful cake,and definitely looks one-of-a-kind!